Organisation – One step at a time – Fridge Organisation

Organising your Fridge

A couple of weeks ago I organised the fridge finally, I don’t know about you but my idea of organising the fridge was chucking the shopping in when I dragged it home from the shops.
There was some vague semblance of order, like raw meat stored separately and salad veggies in the salad draw but the top shelf was a wilderness of open sauce jars and UFO’s ( Unidentified Frosty Objects) !!

Again it is all Pinterest fault there were beautiful, neat images of super organised fridges with specialised bins and neat labels. I mean look at that beauty below, why couldn’t mine look like that ?

I wanted that kind of perfection, not just because it looks pretty but because when people can find things easily things get used up and not left to turn into a science experiment in the back of the fridge.
I also have been meal planning recently which is much easier to do if you know exactly what you have to cook with.

So I bit the bullet and made a plan first things first I wanted storage but like everything these days I was on a strict budget.
I found these green baskets in my local DIY shop and they are available here in Amazon they are cheap and cheerful and available in different colours.

I also got a set of turquoise ones which are slightly bigger also available from Amazon.
Again cheap and cheerful – can you see a theme here ?

I then faced the horror of the top shelf and cleared everything out of the fridge, throwing things that were beyond use and cleaning all the shelves.

I labelled the baskets with labels I had in my scrapbook stash but sure any labels would do and refilled them.  The top shelf was again open sauces and jams but this time it is so easy to know what is up there and the shelf is so easy to clean now.

I added a plastic, tiered container I picked up in Aldi for my Cheeses ( we are a bit cheese mad in this family) and cold meats – so basically things for sandwich making, I cannot tell you how much this has helped with lunches.

The bigger turquoise container is on the bottom shelf and is for raw meats or usually meat I am defrosting from the freezer. This shelf also hold unopened milk.

Leftovers in this house are few and far between usually because I freeze them for our daughter in College or only make enough for the people in this house – but things that are to be used straight away are kept in shelves on the door up front and centre so they can’t be missed.

So this is the finished fridge – yes it is not as pretty as the example above but it works for us and after two weeks I confirm that it was a great idea to do, not just because it looks better but because things are easy to find even for my teenager who has “can’t find it even if I am looking straight at it” issues !
It is easy to clean and things are fresher coming out of the fridge. All this for under Ten Euro you can’t go wrong really 🙂


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