How to crochet an Infinity Scarf.

 How to make an Easy Infinity Scarf   

Before Christmas I wanted to come up with a quick and easy gift I could make people that looked good. I had seen many Infinity Scarves on the internet and had an idea I could come up with my own easy pattern and whip up a good few of these bad boys . And I did, I even made one for me !!

Materials Used

Number 9 Crochet needle
3 Balls of Double Knitting Yarn in Light Green, Dark Green and Pink.
I used two strands of yarn but a chunky yarn would work here.

Stitch Used: 

Tr :: yarn over, insert hook through stitch, yarn over, pull the loop back through the stitch (three loops on hook), yarn over and pull through two loops on hook (two loops left on hook), yarn over and pull through remaining two loops. [NB this is equivalent to US dc stitch]

In the first colour/colours ( I mixed two colours together) chain 83 stitches. If you wish it to be longer make it 103 stitches.

Starting three stitches in on your chain ( that is why we chain 3 extra ) Do a row of tr stitches, At the end turn chain 3 and which makes the first treble stitch and chain 4 rows this way.
Fasten off.
Do 2 more lengths exactly the same way using whichever colours you choose.
Sew the three lengths together at one end— plait the lengths together loosely and sew the bottom ends together once you are happy with the plait. Then sew the two ends together.
 I added Woollen Bobbles in matching colours—these are optional.

For Printable Version click Here

A quick post today but I hope you like it – it is so simple that even beginners can have a go in fact, I could make three scarves in one evening.
 If you have any questions feel free to ask me below and I will answer as best I can. 


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