Life – One Step at a time – The one with the A and E visit

Every now and then when you are bumbling through life, life decides things aren’t exciting enough and throws you a curve ball to spice things up.

Well that was yesterday morning in our house. There I was in the middle of my morning routine and making lunch for school when I heard a cry from upstairs, dropping the lunch box I ran upstairs to find my youngest in agony after doing the relatively simple task of doing her hair – her shoulder had popped apparently !!

Now I better share a little back story – my eldest daughter was diagnosed with Hyper-mobility in her joints, she pops her hip standing up from the sofa ( yep that is a true story !) So needless to say it seemed a bit like deja vu on a windy ,Wednesday morning. So acting quickly and with minimum panic I rang the doctor.

I took her down to the local Health Centre where a Doctor took one look at her and promptly recommended a trip to A&E in the County Hospital which is a bit of a journey from our house.
We had to pop home to plan our next move and a couple of phone calls made and plans sorted, we headed up.

One long trip to A & E later, my youngest was filled full of painkillers and put in a sling but surprisingly still smiling, especially when offered chocolate, yes it still does the trick even when they are teenagers.

Big thanks to my (not so) Baby Brother for picking us up and filling us with tea and biscuits while waiting for a lift home. Family are so precious x  

And the youngest daughter is okay I am pleased to report- feeling a bit bruised but back to her normal cheeky self.

Lesson Learnt today you can’t plan everything but planning makes the road less bumpy.

And yet again the slow cooker saved my bacon, I popped the dinner in it in between the Doctor and the Hospital – dinner was done when we got home. I do love my slow cooker it is the best thing in my kitchen. Every one should have one !
My slow cooker love continues, my love for A and E not so much…


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