Gardening – One Seed at a Time – Cheap and Cheerful Seed pots

This Sunday will be taken up with all things in the garden ( weather permitting ) and one of the main jobs is transferring my seedlings into slightly bigger pots.
I am trying to make my garden as frugal as possible so I made Seed pots out of toilet roll holders and kitchen roll holders, I have been collecting.
They are so easy to make you can whip up a load in no time – you don’t even have to decorate them I just like things pretty is all.

To Make 

1.  Mark the tubes about an inch and a half from the bottom all the way around.

2.Cut four lines up from the bottom to the mark – to make four tabs.
( as seen below ) 

3.Fold the tabs down to form the bottom you can tape or glue if you wish but mine stayed just fine.

4. Decorate as you wish it really is that simple – even kids can do it which is great for getting them involved in gardening.

Hopefully all of my seedlings will soon be out in the garden, I have been planning my spacing and plotting where to put them. There is a great free planner HERE at Gardener’s supply company.


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