Organising with Apps

I have mention before we have a Family Control Journal ,that is is my paper and pen way of keeping the house organised.
But it is 2014 you have to  move with the times and I love my phone and my computer so I have a few organisational applications I use that I would be lost without and I thought I would share them.

So this is my Phone’s Organisation page so to speak – all the apps I use to make life easier and who doesn’t like life a little easier !?


This was the first app I ever downloaded and one I have loved from the start. It is a Calender app at it’s core and it is available for computer, Iphone and android and it is a brilliant way of keeping everyone in your family on the same page as notifications can be sent to their phones or laptops, as can shopping lists and chore lists. If you only ever download one app I recommend this.

 Food Planner  

It is basically an App for Menu Planning – it allows you to download recipes, or add your own. It makes grocery lists for ingredients. You can use it to track what food you have in your cupboards and it will alert you when you need to stock up. Very handy app and Free to download for Iphone or Android.

Good Budget 

I like to keep my budget organised as well as our lives and this app is handy if you use the “envelope” system of budgeting which I do for the household money.  You put in what your budget is and pick how you want to allocate it each week and every time money goes out note it on your phone and you will know exactly where you stand. Fab little app with great customer service – the starter app is Free but you can upgrade if you need more.

Easy Money

I use this to manage my bank accounts and direct debit budgets – handy features include bill reminders and it is very easy to use. Is named as one of the best Money apps available by various sites and I agree I actually brought the upgrade I like it so much. 

Transport Ireland

This one is Ireland specific, unlike the other apps, but is so handy with one daughter in College and one who uses public transport to go out with her friends as it lets me know train time, bus times and book tickets. 
Also the RealTime App is great for letting you know exactly when the bus is getting to the bus stop – so handy with wayward teenagers to keep an eye on.
All my other apps are “me” specific so my Bank app and my Electric company app and my Local Supermarket app.
I have absolutely no affiliations to any of the apps above I am not getting paid ect. I just use them daily and find them great.


Is not an app but my Cozi App is great as it links with the Flylady site if you are looking to get organised and don’t know where to start this is the place for you, yes something may seem obvious ( I am still trying to figure out who doesn’t wear shoes !!) but this system changed my life so I wholeheartly recommend you sign up. If nothing else you will have the shiniest sink around 🙂

Anyone else have a favourite app they use ?


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