Making your Own Bedtime Bunny.


Oh yes they might look sweet and innocent but these bunnies are naughty – why ? Well I made these little guys over the weekend, I had seen many stuffed bunnies around the internet and wanted to do something slightly different with mine.
At Christmas time I made these “Hand-warmers” for stocking filler gifts, I filled them with rice and peppermint essential oils.

SO I though what if I fill bunnies with rice but this time add lavender essential oils but how does this make them naughty ? Well I gave them to my youngest daughter’s friends who were having a sleep over, usually I am wearily asking them to be quiet at stupid o’clock in the morning but the lavender in the bunnies has them all dreaming sweet dreams before midnight – insert evil cackle here – they couldn’t understand why they were so tired…Rubs hands together in glee.

I have designed a template for you to make your own Bedtime Bunny – printable available HERE.

Materials Needed

Printable pattern  – above
Fleece Material ( you can use other materials but this is the nicest)
Needle and Thread
Rice (any type will do )
Lavender Essential Oil
Pom-pom for the tail.
Ribbon for decoration.


1. Cut out your Bunny from the pattern and pin to two pieces of your fleece material ( as Above ) and cut out two sides.

2. Into your rice put several drops of lavender oil and shake.

3. Sew your bunny together leaving a small gap to fill with the rice near the tail.

4. Fill with the rice.

5. Sew up the hole and place the pom-pom tail at the same time.

6. Sew on any decorations.

To warm your Bunny place in a microwave on medium for ten seconds or until just warm.

WARNING –  do not use anything Metal to decorate your bunny, also if you use buttons to decorate be aware that they might get hot in the microwave.

Also may cause drowsiness in children and teenagers which is less of a warning and more of a great recommendation in my books.

If anyone wants patterns for the hand-warmers drop me a line and I can do that. 


4 thoughts on “Making your Own Bedtime Bunny.

  1. Kelly M. says:

    These are adorable! I have some extra flannel laying around that I might use to try to make these. And anything to make kids sleepy…sign me up!

    Pinning as well!


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