My Favorite Crochet Storage – One stitch at a time.

I love Crochet and I love Storage so when I found that I could make storage with a crochet needle my life was complete – I kid, of course but I was pretty darn happy.

Above is a Basket I made from the first pattern I found – I made it to hold my crochet supplies and used an old denim quilt cover cut into strips to make the “wool” and it is lined with fleece. 
I used Ami’s pattern below as a base although truth is I am bad at following patterns and did the handles differently – that is not a reflection the pattern, which is excellent, more a reflection on me.

 Here are a few of my favourite storage ideas


This is the pattern I used to create my basket – very easy to follow obviously not for the free spirited me but for normal folk it is very easy 🙂
I couldn’t resist this one, I have a cat that would love this  – the pattern is in Finnish but Google translate does the job.
I just adore the colours – so darn cheerful and a clear, easy pattern.
 I love these and the pattern is so detailed you can’t go wrong and Cintia who created them is an Aussie like me 🙂 

Who could resist this owl, I couldn’t as I know two people who would flip over this. Mandy and Becca, my darling daughter I am thinking of you 🙂

Get Out – you can make this with a crochet needle ?!? Wow – unfortunately you will have to pay for this pattern but still – WOW !! You know I am going to try and create my own, I will let you know if I| am successful. 

So does anyone know of more storage ideas I can create with my crochet needle ?- feel free to link below in the comments.  


2 thoughts on “My Favorite Crochet Storage – One stitch at a time.

  1. lisa says:

    I love the basket that you made and I would love to have the cat basket for my cat. I also really like the hanging bathroom storage, it's a pretty solution to storage issues.


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