Decorating your own Easter Eggs.

There are so many cool ideas around the web at the moment for Easter Egg decoration that I had to grab some of them and try some ideas myself. I found a big bag of polystyrene eggs which were very cheap in my local and wonderful bookshop – By The Book in Virginia and yes that is a blatant plug but I do honestly love that shop.  
And couldn’t wait to play with them, I assembled some paint and some napkins to decoupage with and I was on my way.

The first set of eggs I decided to paint with Duck – Egg Blue chalk paint – it took two coats but the paint looked great  – Tip when painting use a toothpick in the bottom of the egg to hold the egg so you can paint easily and then you can stand it in a polystyrene block to dry .

When they were dry I got out my ribbons and gems and started decorating them, the sparkly bunny I got from the bookshop too.
They are now all in a glass bowl in my living room which is Cream and Brown with Blue accents.

The Second set I went a bit more colourful with – I decorated the eggs with paper napkins decoupaged on the egg with a pva mix.
Again using a toothpick to hold so not to get sticky.

But I wanted to do more with them and I had seen Crochet Bunting on Pinterest and knew I had to try and mix the two.
I found a wonderful pattern HERE at Lulu Loves and made up six pieces of bunting and using a chain of crochet I joined them together with the eggs which I had put a hole through the middle so they threaded on easily.
This was the finished bunting on my kitchen dresser. I think with my Spring Banner Printable it looks great.
 So how do you decorate your eggs ? Please feel free to link in the comments below so I can lavish praise on your gorgeous creations 🙂


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