Happy Earth Day

This week was  Earth Day – if you don’t know what Earth Day is Earth Day is an annual event, celebrated on April 22, on which events are held worldwide to demonstrate support for environmental protection. It started in the 70’s, in fact, a year before I was born – if you want to learn more click 
Anyway, my family likes to joke that I am a bit of a hippy at heart – I recycled before it was compulsory, I like to grow my own veg and make my own yoghurt and try and do my bit to help the world in some small way.

Over the weekend I planted out my tomatoes seedling – it is not much but we try and help out the earth just a little.
We had grown all our seedling in recycled seed pots – you can use old toilet rolls, egg cartons or old orange skins.

I collect the shells of my free-range eggs in the fridge (so if you open my fridge door and see a load of eggshells in a bag you now know why !!) Tomato plants love eggs shells, you crush them up and fill the hole where you are planting your tomato plants with a couple of handfuls to give them a great start. Eggs shells are also good for putting around lettuce plants to stop slugs having a snack on them and are better for the environment than slug pellets.

The other thing I like to do for my tomatoes is put in a homemade watering system – tomatoes have deep roots and need a lot of water, take and old plastic bottle pierce the bottle with holes dig into your bed between the plants and fill with water regularly if it is dry.

I also add compost from our compost pile which I have been lovingly cultivating for the last couple of years. If you want to read more about composting check out my post here and there is even a free printable to download to help you remember.

You can recycle used Lolly sticks to make labels for your seedlings  – The details on how we made them are HERE

If we are lucky in a few months we should have a crop of gorgeous organically grown tomatoes.

And we can eat them knowing we reused, recycled and helped the earth a little 🙂

How will you help the Earth today, let me know if you have any plans ?


2 thoughts on “Happy Earth Day

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