Ten Ideas for Kitchen Utensil Organisation

 Kitchen utensil storage – Monday Organising

It is Monday again and the kids are back after the Easter break, my house is serious need of help after the holidays but like anything I find the only way to get it done is to tackle each job one step at a time- this Monday it was the Kitchen Utensil draw.

Top Ten Utensil Storage

It was a jumbled mess of every bit of kitchen equipment we had collected over the year and a bit of a black hole because it seemed impossible to find stuff.
I have no before picture – it was too embarrassing and I forgot to take one truthfully. So this is an example but imagine it was worse – much worse !!

So I did the usual and hunted Pinterest for the most interesting and fun and practical ways of sorting out my mess.

1. I actually liked this idea a lot, just a painted trellis with hooks and baskets, easy and I would say cheap, if I had a wall available I might of gone for this but we didn’t so no go.

 2. This one is definitely under the “fun” category,  trying to wrestle the Lego off the kids might be hard though and I had too much stuff to fit. But colourful and bright in the kitchen and a talking point.

3.This was more like it, I loved the tidiness and the little cubby holes and the fact it fit the draw perfectly unfortunately it is from Bed, Bath and Beyond in the States and not available here in Ireland. Boo Hoo 😦

 4. This one I could manage, I have baskets and containers, it was vintage looking. But it wasn’t working for me and I couldn’t say why.

 5. Another vintage themed one and  I loved the recycled tins . I am a huge fan of recycling and re-purposing things. With a bit of DIY I am sure this one could be done quite easily but again not quite right yet.

 6. Sticking with the Recycling theme Chicken wire in a frame – I had visions of my niece and nephew messing with this which put me off but it would look amazing in an old country kitchen.

7.I loved these jugs, I actually have one but it is currently used to hold the washing up brushes by the sink so again – lovely idea but no not right ( I am beginning to feel like Goldilocks at this stage ) 

8. Built in storage – ahh the dream, but way out of our price range to get a new kitchen just to sort out one draw, I know a girl should dream big but NO !!

9.Back to reality, much more sensible built- in and practical. Now just to find the wood and the woodworker for this one.

10. Now this one I liked a lot, in fact I liked the idea so much I brought a version of it from Lakeland. It looked clean and I liked the idea that I could mix and match the cubbies to fit the purpose.

So here is our new Kitchen utensil storage for now 

Our Kitchen utensil storage

In the draw I have a set of white inter-lockable cubbies that hold various things like openers, scissors, graters ect. and the knives and big utensils now live in a glass vase by the cooker for easy access. 
I also moved all the baking utensils to the baking cupboard. 

How do you organise your utensils ? – drop me a comment or let me know if you like any of the above  and Happy Organising folks.


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