Getting Crafty at the Weekend – Crochet


I absolutely fell in love with crocheted seat covers on Pinterest, my crochet board was full of them and I knew I wanted to cover the old, dilapidated chair that was now in my bedroom. After at least 70 years of the chair being in the family it was tired looking to say the least.
I ran into a slight problem though every picture on Pinterest I clicked on had no pattern, not a single one or if they did it was in a language Google translate wasn’t happy with.  What was a girl to do ?

Well I never was one for following patterns anyway so what if I started making a cover and wrote down what I did, then shared it with you fine people, so that is what I did.

Disclaimer – I am not a crochet expert so if I get my pattern codes wrong please feel free to let me know so I can improve it for you.

All stitches are UK stitches 
Wool was standard double knitting and needle was a 4mm

Stitch Abbreviations

st(s) = stitch(es) htbl- half treble
dc = double crochet dtbr- double treble
tbl – treble stitch ch – chain

Chair cover pattern

Cast on –  In first colour – chain 4 and join in a circle.
1st row Ch 3 , then do 11 tbl into the circle to make 12 in total.
2nd row (Change colour) Ch3 and tbl 1 into the first st, *Ch 1 then tbl 2 into next stitch do this all the way around – 24tbl in total and finish with a Ch to join the circle.
3rd row (Change colour) Ch3 and tbl 2 in first chain gap. *Ch1 then tbl 3 all the way around, join at the end.
4th row (Change colour) Ch3 and tbl 1 into first st . *Ch 1 tbl 2 until end , join at end.
5th row (Change colour) slip stitch to the chain space. Ch 3 tbl 2, then tbl3 into ch sp until end.Join.
6th row (Change colour) – same as row 5
7th row (Change colour) Ch 2 ,htbl 2 Ch 1, *htbl 3 Ch1 until end, join.
8th row (Change colour) Ch 3 tbl 1 , *tbl 2 into Ch sp, tbl 2 until end. join.
9th row (Change colour) Ch 5, dtbl 2 into next st , *dtbl 1 , dtbl 2 until end, join.
10th row (Change colour) Ch5, dtbl 1 into each st until end, join.
11th row (Change colour) Ch 5, dtbl , Ch1 but skip 2 sts ,*dtbl 2 Ch 1 but skip 2 st until end, join.
12th row (Change colour) slip st to Ch sp, Ch 4 dtbl 2 in Ch sp ,*Ch1 dtbl3 into next sp until end, join.
13th row (Change colour) Ch 4 dtbl 2, *chain 1 dtbl 3 until end , join.
14th row (Change colour) Ch 2 htbl in between 2 sts , *htbl2 into Ch sp, htbl 2 in between next 2 st until end ( see picture below )

15th row (Change colour) Ch 5, dtbl 2 into same stitch, *Ch 2 but skip 3, dtbl 3 into next stitch until end, join.
16th row (Change colour) Chain 2, dc in ever st until end
17th row Same colour dc in ever st – cast off.


This made a 16 inch seat cover – miss out a row if you want it smaller, add an increase row if you want it bigger.

As for the chair – first thing I did was take it apart and painted it white, I made the cover and resembled the chair with the cover in place. I decorated the chair with ribbons and made a simple round cushion out of fleece material.

I love it and I hope that I have inspired someone else to make a chair cover. Have a crafty fun weekend.


20 thoughts on “Getting Crafty at the Weekend – Crochet

  1. Karen King says:

    That is so cute and would look fabulous in a girl's room, I think. You did a great job and the colors are perfect. I love to crochet – when I find time – and I'm pinning and adding this to my project list. Thanks so much for sharing such detailed instructions! Have a beautiful day!


  2. Jade Jones says:

    That chair cover reminds me of my great grandmother who crocheted all the time. I remember items like this in the house. I learned to crochet long after she died but everytime I do I think of her.


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