Organisational Monday – What’s on your Menu this week ?

I have followed Organised Junkie for a long time, she has so many good ideas on organisation and her site is where I first heard about meal planning and every Monday she runs a Menu Planning Monday. And you can join in by posting what you are having this week and linking back to her site.
If you want a Menu Planner printable mine is HERE and I talk about menu planning in more detail HERE  if you want to try it out for yourself.


Beef enchiladas for Cinco de Mayo (actually my lot love just Mexican so any excuse). Made using my Slowcooker Chilli Recipe and Cheese sauce and Tortilla wraps they are darn tasty and a family favourite.  

Spanish Chicken – it is from my freezer cooking sessions which you can read about Here.
Throw it in the slow cooker and it is done for dinner. All I need to do is add wholemeal rice. 

Cheese and Onion Quiche which is in the fridge defrosting and home-made chips and salad.


Bacon and Chorizo Gratinthe recipe is Here. It is a nice and easy one and fairly quick to make. Serve it with Cabbage.

Fish Pie and Green Veggies – so spinach,Green beans or broccoli or sometimes all three. I am so lucky my kids love vegetables. When my oldest was 6 she begged me in the supermarket for brocolli (their dad is not a big fan)  and a woman asked me did I pay her to say it – nope, she just likes veggies.

Home-made Pizza – Recipe here 
We always have something “fun” on a Saturday if we can and what is more fun than choosing your own pizza topping ?

Roast “something” – it depends on what is on offer that week. My Other Half usually makes dinner and he is great at a roast( I know I am lucky). And I usually make dessert, as I have some pastry in the freezer it will be Apple Pie it is this week. 

Now we are not totally inflexible if something comes up we change things around and I always have a back up in the freezer. 
You may notice we only plan dinners this is because my daughter takes a pack lunch and we would have home-made soup or sandwiches for lunch usually.

So what are you all having this week ?


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