Summer Ribbon Wreath – Getting Crafty at the weekend

Ribbon Wreath

This weekends Crafty post is brought to you with the help of Fantastic Ribbons I am so happy and thrilled to be affiliated with them, when they told me I literally did a happy dance in my kitchen, I do love ribbons so much.

Ribbon samples

They very kindly sent me some ribbon to play with and I picked these two gorgeous examples, everyone that knows me knows I am dotty about polka dots and this love thick twine makes me so happy. And I picked this Candy Striped Red because it reminded me of the seaside and sticks of rock and I had a project in mind.

I wanted to decorate for summer, it may not be quite here yet, as I type it is looking very grey outside, but it is coming and it was about time for an update from my Spring Decor.
I have been so insired by all of the wreath ideas on Pinterest I wanted to make one for my kitchen to cheer it up a bit.

Summer Ribbon Wreath 


One polystyrene wreath 30 cm wide (available from most art and craft shops) 
Chalk Paint
1 x 10mm Pastel Candy Stripe Ribbon Red
1 x 15mm Twill Dot ribbon red 
A piece of wool or string 40 cm  
Paper and card 



1. Paint your wreath or if you want you can cover it with paper – I painted mine with a gorgeous colour called Mena Sky available from my local vintage shop- it took two coats to get a nice finish. 

2. When the wreath is dry, wrap your wreath with the striped ribbon and secure I secured with brads – if you wish you may also glue it. 

3. Print out the Printable I have made for you onto white 4 paper or thin card  – Available HERE.
Cut out the bunting and tag.
I mounted the “here comes” tag onto patterned card and attached to the wreath with glue dots.

4. Mount the string/wool across the wreath and add the bunting letters by folding in half and gluing. 

5.To make ribbon flowers – cut 3 strips of ribbon – either in 2inch strips, 3inch strips or 4 inch strips to make different sizes.
Fold the strips into loops like below.

6.Lay three loops on top of each other in a criss- cross pattern.
And sew the layers together with a button to secure. And fastened to the wreath, I used glue dots to fasten them on.

Add a piece of dotty ribbon to the back to hang up and enjoy your Summer wreath.

Again many thanks to Fantastic Ribbons for the gorgeous ribbon, it is lovely quality and great to work with.



19 thoughts on “Summer Ribbon Wreath – Getting Crafty at the weekend

  1. P Bishop says:

    These are so great. I like that you can format this craft to fit any occasion you need a gift. I have a housewarming party coming up soon to attend. This could be part of the gift. Great job.


  2. P Bishop says:

    Not sure if first comment showed up, but I love, love, love this. I like it so much because you can change this project a little to fit almost all occasions. Keep up the great work


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