How to make a Coiled Wool Bowl – Getting Crafty at the weekend

 My lovely friend Jo over at the Textile Freak sent me a bundle of her beautiful hand-spun and hand dyed wool . Jo and I have been friends since childhood, she is an amazingly talented woman and an all round wonderful friend.
I wanted to make something straight away and this amazingly thick, chunky wool kept calling to me.  I kept playing with it and curling it in my hand and knew I wanted to create a bowl with it, but how ?

Crochet wasn’t going to work so I scoured the internet for ideas and loved the idea of a coiled bowl but usually you cover the cord you are coiling and I didn’t want that so I decided to just design it myself.


To make you will need a skein of Thick Felted wool , a needle, matching thread and a pearl bead for the centre.


1. Firstly sew a bead to the end of the wool this is actually to make it easier to start the coil off.

2. Wrap the wool around the bead and sew through the bead and the wool to anchor the middle coil in place.

3. Then using a small neat stitch and stating at the first coil sew together each layer and coil as you go To make the base make sure the coil is flat but to make sides stack the coils of top of one another and stitch them.

4. To finish I wrapped the thread around the wool and anchored with a double stitch. You could line the bowl at this stage if you wish, but I wanted to see the coils.

It is a lovely quick, easy project that you can finish in an evening, and have a lovely bowl to pop your jewellery in when I go to bed. 

Have a great weekend and I hope you get crafty this weekend, if not just have fun 🙂  


12 thoughts on “How to make a Coiled Wool Bowl – Getting Crafty at the weekend

  1. raggygirlvintage says:

    ~Oh my goodness Amber that is sooo creative!! I love handspun wool and knitted a few sweaters from it years ago! Your bowl is bright and beautiful, such pretty jewel tones. Found you over at Blog It Forward.


  2. Tamika Rybinski says:

    I love this! the colors are so vibrant and i am a huge fan of felted wood. They make purses, dolls nd everything out of it here. Thanks of the tutorial. I may finally need to try my hand at it!


  3. Sandy says:

    Hi Amber, I love this cute little bowl! I took one look at it and thought about a beautiful handmade pillow I purchased in Scotland. I had to do a little detective work, of course. Sure enough, your profile page said you are living in Ireland! Not the same place, I know, but they influence each other a tad, I'm sure. My pillow is not in the same vibrant colors, I may have to make my own! Thanks!


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