The Bottom of the Laundry Basket does Exist !! I found it

Many moons ago when I started on this journey of organisation I had a few goals and one of them was to finally find the bottom of the laundry basket.
I had heard rumours it existed but I had never laid eyes on it, ever !
So I will share with you how I have managed (well until everyone gets ready for bed tonight) to have clear laundry baskets nearly every day this year.

1. My main tip – is do at least A LOAD EVERY DAY if you can. Just one – put it on at night, put it on in the morning it doesn’t matter when but do it and if you can finish it. By finish it I mean dry it by whatever means you choose and put it away or into the ironing ( I will come to that little bug bear later)
I have even done a load on Christmas day, yep I am not ashamed to admit it, while cooking up Christmas Pancakes for breakfast I had a load whirling around in the machine.

2. Next tip, sort at source- I sort my clothes like this Darks, Whites and Colours what I mean by that is Darks are anything black, grey, blue, green. Whites are whites, cream, pale yellow. Colours are red, pink, purple and oranges.I also have a special bag for hand wash stuff, but thankfully there isn’t much of that.

3. Have a rule – if it isn’t in the wash, in other words, if it is under their bed, behind a chair or on the floor it won’t be washed. Trust me this one works when they can’t find that skirt they HAD to wear to the party on Friday, they learn quick.  I also insist that all school uniforms are in the wash basket the minute they come in, so losing the school jumper is not an option. And each bedroom has a laundry basket so there is no excuses.

4. Have a nice laundry space if you can, laundry is not the most fun activity so make that space nice, if you have a space of course, my utility room is more of a utility cupboard it is so small but I now keep it clean and have decorated it with a vintage sign I created and pretty jars for my washing powder.
I  have made a little printable which you can download if you want to decorate your’s too.


 5. Ironing – It is the right up there with changing the cat litter for jobs I could do without.
 I do have an ironing pile which sometimes can look quite daunting a bit like The Wall in Game of Thrones in fact.   My way of tackling it is I put on Game of Thrones or The Big Allotment Show (sadly over now) and just do it while watching. So at least I have my favourite show to look forward to and at the end of it a sense of achievement that the ironing is done. Multi-tasking at it’s best.

6. Don’t be afraid to teach older kids how to use a machine by older I mean 8 or 9 upwards.
Both boys and girls can all learn how to put on a washing machine in fact they think it is a novelty the first couple of times – go figure !?
Both my girls know how to wash and my eldest does all her laundry at College which is great as she comes home with no laundry, just her lovely self.

What laundry tips have you learnt ? Are you a wash it all in one day person or a wash it when you need it person ? Have you found an ideal system for you – let me know in the comments below


11 thoughts on “The Bottom of the Laundry Basket does Exist !! I found it

  1. Marni Mutrux says:

    I agree about doing a load every day. I do that too! Ironing? Not so much. I actually threw away our ironing board because it was in the way. My husband isn't so happy about that.
    Love your laundry room!


  2. Marilyn Lesniak says:

    There was a time when I did 4 loads every other day. Laundry stayed stacked up in baskets near the laundry blocking the door to the garage. I am glad you found such a great solution. Hope to see you bext week on Merry Mondays!


  3. Renee Cheatham says:

    I have tried the wash a load a day, but just couldn't get into it! I break my laundry up into piles and can usually get them washed, dried and folded over the course of 2 days in the mornings. I recently bought a magnetic ironing mat to put on top of my drier to save room. Most of our clothes don't need ironing if they are taken out of the dryer and folded/hung right away.


  4. Amber Harrop says:

    Renee you are right if I remember to get them out of the dryer while warm they are less likely to need ironing – but I line dry in summer and that leaves creases a lot – laundry it is the one thing I think everyone struggles with.


  5. Blooming In Bedlam says:

    Haha. I stink at laundry but my Aunt is a wiz! My mom used to joke she had a secret lover in her laundry room she was back there so much. LOL! Glad to know SOMEONE found the bottom. I will give up my quest and search for better things, now. HAPPY SITS DAY!


  6. Monique says:

    I should definitely start doing one load a day. Currently I do a bunch on the weekend, and when it gets to the folding and putting away part, sometimes the clean clothes just sit there the entire week! Haha. Nice to meet you via SITS!


  7. Kirsten says:

    I try not to do laundry more than twice a week. I have enlisted the children (youngest 7) to carry down all the baskets (they each have one in their room) and sort into piles by color, whites, and towels/bedding. They also have to put their clothes away. So helpful. Now if only I could train my husband. : )


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