3 Cool Crochet Headbands – Getting Crafty at the weekend

Crochet Headwarmers

My eldest Becca daughter asked me if I could make her a few crochet headbands as she likes them and we pinned a few ideas on Pinterest. I used the wool that my friend Jo over at Twisted Locks spun herself and even better she now has a shop HERE so you can buy her luscious wool.

This was the first one made using the great pattern from Jonna over at  I’m Frayed Knot she says it is the easiest headband she is not kidding, it was great to make and came together brilliantly – I love the flower on it. The wool was gorgeous too, I wish I could show you how it sparkles and it was a dream to work with.

This one was made from a pattern over at Little Birdie Secrets like a lot of people in the comments though I had to change the pattern from 71 stitches to 85 to fit , maybe we have big heads lol Another quick one to make and I am delighted to learn this wool is called First Light because it does look like a dawn sky and it has silk in it so, it is so soft.

Last but no least this is my pattern , this came about because Becca said she loved them all but she wanted one that could go under her riding hat, the brief was pretty but no buttons or flowers. No pressure there kiddo !!

Simple Twist Headband 

I use UK stitching so this table might help

British vs American English Crochet Patterns
British English USA – American English
double crochet (dc) single crochet (sc)
half treble (htr) half double crochet (hdc)
treble (tr) double crochet (dc)
double treble (dtr) treble (tr)
triple treble (trtr) double treble (dtr)
miss skip
tension gauge
yarn over hook (yoh) yarn over (yo)

Stitch Abbreviations

st(s) = stitch(es) htbl- half treble
dtbl cross dtbr- double treble
tbl cross ch – chain

trbl cross – to treble cross you skip a stitch then treble, then wrap wool as you would to start a new stitch but go back into the skipped stitch and treble 
dtbl cross – is the same as above but a double treble stitch you are creating and twisting.
blo- is working into the back loop
I used a 4 mm hook for this pattern. 

Cast on 12 sts

Row 1. Chain 2 to make first “htrb” then htbl the next 11 sts – 12 in total
Row 2. Ch3 tbl 1, then tbl cross into the next 8 stitches, making 4 twists, trbl normally into the last 2 stitches.
Row 3.  Ch 2 then htbl into the blo until end. 
Row 4.  Ch 2 htbl until end. 
Row 5.  Repeat row 3.
* Row 6.  Ch 4 then dtbl next st, dtbl cross in next 8 stitches then dtbl in last two stitches   
*  Row 7. Ch2 htbl into blo until end. 
 Repeat these two rows until row 30 or until big enough to fit your head ending with the htbl row.

Next row.  Ch 2 htbl until end.
Next row.  Ch 2 htbl into blo until end. 
Next row.  Ch 3 tbl 1, tbl cross the next 8 sts , tbl in last 2 sts.
Next row.  Ch2 htbl into blo until end – cast off and sew edges together. 


This is my lovely daughter wearing her headband – she has just finished her first year of her Equine Degree at college and we are very proud of her.


10 thoughts on “3 Cool Crochet Headbands – Getting Crafty at the weekend

  1. Renee Cheatham says:

    I haven't tried my hand at crochet yet but have tried my hand at knitting. Our winter was not long enough or cold enough for me to finish even one scarf! These are super cute and I love the one to fit under her helmet, because I remember those cold early morning rides and how miserable they can be.


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