Making your own Quick Outdoor Bunting

You might have noticed all my posts this week have something in common and that is the great outdoors – summer is in full swing. We are meant to get a heatwave this weekend and I intend on being outside enjoying it so I have a quick craft for you this weekend, no one should be up to their eyes in glue this weekend.
As you may have gathered I adore bunting and after seeing The Big Allotment Show (On the BBC for those not in the know) one of the allotments had outdoor bunting and I wanted some of my own.
If you want to be really quick you can forgo the making part and just buy some here from Amazon *this is an affiliate link.

But if you do want to make your own, which you can make as long as you want, this is how I made mine.



  • Self adhesive vinyl – I got mine at the local DIY shop they were selling it off and I got the whole roll for €5 which so far has covered a multitude of things.
  • Twine – mine is blue plastic twine.
  • Scissors
  • A ruler and a pencil 
  1. First fold the vinyl in half and draw out the bunting you want to cut, you want to make diamond shapes, so make sure the bottom of the triangle is at the fold.
 2. Cut the amount of triangles you want, I wanted 12 because that fitted my one of my raised beds but you can make it as long as you wish.
3. Remove the paper backing and lay your twine at the crease, fold over carefully and glue together, sandwiching the twine, if you think it needs to be stronger you could stitch the twine in place. 
4. Make it as long as you need then trim your twine, leaving enough at either end to hang it up – as it is made from plastic you can hang it up outside without fear if the odd shower should hit.
Mine has actually been taken down but that is because the fences are being painted this weekend as there is no rest for the wicked but I will be putting it straight back up again 🙂 I might make more in fact.

Have a great weekend people, hope the weather is good to you :)As always feel free to comment or ask questions.


5 thoughts on “Making your own Quick Outdoor Bunting

  1. Debbie Corbari says:

    Thank you for posting this!! I have been thinking of ways to make an outdoor bunting to dress up our DIY swing set! I just happened to be on pinterest and found your post! This is a MUST DO!


  2. Karen says:

    Your bunting looks great! I love projects that come together easily. I think my 6-year old daughter would have a great time making one of these with me. Thank you for sharing your creativity! 🙂


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