Blog Hopping and more about me

Usually on a Monday I do a post on trying to organising myself but this week I am doing something different – a couple of weeks ago the gorgeous Debbie over at Country Heart and Home asked would I get involved in a blog hop.

I have known Debbie for a good few years now, we met through scrap-booking and is one blogger I have actually met in real life. She is an amazing lady – she is Mum to six gorgeous kids, having recently given birth to beautiful Amelia Grace.
She is an Author of a best selling book on Amazon – Gifts from your Kitchen which I have well worn copy of in my kitchen.

She is always coming up with new ideas and works so hard, she is so darn creative and full of  enthusiasm and when you meet her it is easy to fall under her spell. Please visit her blog and check her out.

Anyway she asked me four questions have to answer –

1. What are you working on ? 

Oh my at the moment – we are doing up the back garden, hopefully I can share the hard work with you all. The garden is mid season so lots of weeding, keeping an eye on pests and waiting for those strawberries to finally turn – nearly there.

I am working on a few recipe ideas and have two projects in progress for “Getting crafty at the Weekend”. I have also signed up to a couple of things this summer to that I can’t wait to share those with you.

 2. How does my work/blog differ from others of its genre?

Not sure how different I am but hopefully my voice comes over in my posts and I definitely haven’t picked one niche as is often suggested. I couldn’t choose, I am more a Jack/Jill of all trades I want to show you how to grow the strawberries, then make the strawberry pie with them, that’s how I roll.

 3. Why do I write/create what I do?

When I was growing up I wanted to be a teacher and I have been a teacher in various capacities as an adult, be it as a playschool teacher, art teacher or scrapbook teacher.  I love learning new things and helping other people learn things too when I came back to blogging that is what I wanted to do.

As for creating

  • Cooking for me is about creating lovely things for my family and friends to eat.
  • Gardening is therapeutic (when I am not yelling at slugs) and there is nothing nicer than placing food on the table that you grew yourself. 
    Salad from the garden – Me 1- Slug 0
    • Crafting is just so much fun, I am always making things and have done since I was little.
    • Organisation is all about making things easier to get all those other things above done without the house falling apart 🙂 

     4. How does your writing/creating process work?



    That question implies it does work LOL! Well I usually get the most AMAZING idea at eleven at night then start working on it when I should be going to bed, then finally drag my weary bones upstairs knowing full well I should have started it in the morning. I am still working on getting an editorial calendar up and running to chorale these marvellous ideas. I am currently using my blog printables which I find handy for jotting things down when my brain is constantly whizzing about.


    Oh and I don’t bake, make, plant a thing without taking a picture – just in case it is going to become a post !!

    Yes this might become a blog post 🙂

    After all this I am to tag three others – this is where the problem started, all the girls I knew really well have been already tagged or don’t really blog. I asked a large group of bloggers if they wanted in and not many were interested, summer is a tough time for bloggers. So after a little panic on my part I thought instead of making someone else do it I will link you up with some amazing bloggers that have helped me, informed me, taught me and are just all around nice people out in the blog world and go give them some love because we all deserve a little praise and love now and again 🙂

    So Firstly you should visit – Renee over at Creative Mama Messy Home. She is a Mum to three and is a crafter and cook like me. 
    I met her though a link up but she is like a mini cheerleader, she pops in and comments without being asked, she re-tweets and she features my recipes and she makes me wish I knew her in real life and could pop to the farmer’s market with her. She is just so darn nice.

    Next is Dana over at Chocolate and Sunshine – she always comments on Facebook which if you are a blogger you will know what a pain Facebook can be but she shares and helps out when she can – she is so sweet. Also she has a gorgeous blog and she has a post on organising sprinkles which makes me happy all over and her house is beautiful and who doesn’t love Chocolate and Sunshine ?

    Then there is Shani over at Pure Grace Farm– another blogger that helps us newbies out when we are getting started. Her farm is over in Idaho and is an amazing place and she is a natural teacher passing on knowledge openly and freely and has some amazing recipes – her Lemon Meringue is divine.  

    Then there is Tammy she runs the link up The Ultimate Party which she set up because she wanted a place where all bloggers could link up and share everything and has her own blog Creative Kids and is always trying to help others get noticed, she freely gives you advice and is another person I would love to actually meet and she does this while being a Mum to five can you say SuperMOM !!

    These are just a few that have helped me on my new blogging journey, there are so many more and sometimes as bloggers we should stop focusing on our SEO  (I still am trying to figure that one out) and say thank you to those people that take time out and say a kind word or help you when you are stuck or even just pop in and say hi!

    As for me I should get back to the garden and that project in the front room is calling my name and I must write up that muffin recipe and I never did do my menu planner this week…..


    4 thoughts on “Blog Hopping and more about me

    1. Dana - says:

      Well, didn't you just make my day!!! It's a good think I subscribe to your blog. You know I feel the same. You are always such a sweetheart and so helpful. One of these days I'm going to get very organized and make sure to do even more than I can now. You're the best, Amber!!

      I, too, was contacted for this project and am uncertain if they ever found the other two people besides me. So… I think next Monday, I will do the same thing you did. Okay if I copy? 🙂

      xo Dana


    2. Amber Harrop says:

      Dana of course you can – I think it is a great idea to thank those that have helped us blogging is a funny old world and it is great the connections we make and again thank you 🙂


    3. Echo A says:

      This is fun! What a great way to get to know you better! I always take pictures too. People look at me like I'm crazy. I need a shirt that says, “Shhh, I'm blogging!” or something!


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