10 tips for the Garden in June

My 10 tips for the Garden in June 

Nearly through June already and the garden is in full swing. Tomorrow is Midsummer’s day; the longest day of the year in Ireland. Today I am sharing my Ten Tips for the Garden in June to help get the most out of your garden.

1. I have found that instead of pulling my lettuce when harvesting them, if I cut them, they start growing back – I tried this after learning you could grow lettuce from scraps and you can read my post about growing from scraps- here. 
Don’t believe me ? Well below is the lettuce I cut last week for dinner, great salad it made too and the end picture is the lettuce this morning -with all new growth.

2. If your tomatoes are setting fruit like mine,it is time to give them some food. You can make your own tomato food by filling a Hessian bag or old pair of tights with manure, apparently rabbit is good and I have a plentiful supply thanks to Cookie. I add crushed eggshells and suspend in a bucket of water for a few days until the water turns brown – yes it is disgusting – but oh boy do tomatoes love the stuff and they will repay you with gorgeous tomatoes.

3. Stake your veggies to give them support as they grow, nothing worse than floppy veggies.
4.  Deadhead flowers and pick your fruit often to encourage new flowers.
5. Paint your fences and shed and outdoor furniture to make them last longer, we are doing this job currently – I say we, I mean mostly my poor husband who is painting as I type. I just did the panels behind my raised bed so he wouldn’t squash the plants.
6. Mow your lawn weekly to keep it neat and weed and feed as needed, this is my job. 
7. Keep a watch out for pests they are out in force – although my slug pollution is on the wane – also encourage good insects, I love this idea from Real Farmacy for a Bee watering station.
8. Put in a water butt to collect rain water – this is one on my list to do this month, with the water charges coming in I want to make sure I have a good supply for my veggies and it is Ireland rain is a guaranteed.
9. Weed regularly – as I do Square Foot Gardening my weeds are at a minimum but the odd one gets through now and then , luckily they are easy to spot if you have nice neat squares.
10. Download some low cost Gardening Books to read in the sun all of these are under €3 some as low as €1. And yes these are affiliate links.

What are you doing in the Garden this June ? And have you got any great tips to share ?


3 thoughts on “10 tips for the Garden in June

  1. Dana - http://chocolateandsunshine.com says:

    I wish I had the opportunity to have a vegetable garden. I am strictly containers on my deck, although several of them and a few deer-resistant perennials in the backyard. I used to garden so much more at my last home when I didn't have to worry about deer.

    As always, I adore your photos. Pinned.
    Have a great week-end!


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