How to make your own Garden Planters

As you can tell I am all about the big outdoor this week – or small outdoors in my case. But as it is summer, if I can be outside in the fresh air that is where you will find me.
My soil is so poor though, thanks to the builders, that I have to grow my veggies in raised beds and pots. And occasionally I run out of space and I hate to let a good plant go to waste, so when I had a courgette that needed a home I had to come up with a plan – quick.

We have been re-staining all our fences to make the place look neater, so one thing I now have is a few large, leftover buckets, that is when the little light bulb went “ping” in my head. They were a perfect size for plants.

Making Your Own Planters

Things you will need

A large enough container
A sharp craft knife
Outdoor weather resistant paint – spray would be easier but I only had the paint on variety.

To make it slug resistant – A collection of copper coins, water tight glue

The How to

  1. Remove the handle to make painting easier
  2. Turn over and make holes in the bottom for drainage – I used a sharp craft knife.
  3. Paint your pot in the colour you prefer, I needed 3 coats for proper coverage. 
  4. Once the paint is dry you can replace the handle and plant up you plant.
  5. If you want, adding the copper coins makes the slugs stay away. Apparently they get a shock crawling over them, I had a bag of them so I glued a ring of them around the top, they also look quite decorative.  
Copper slug deterent

So a simple and easy way to up-cycle what you have lying around and make something useful for your garden.

Have a great weekend and I am going to find more things to alter and plant up.


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