Ice Cream and Sweet Cone Printables

Printable sweet holders

With all the ice-creams I have been making recently – check out my Vanilla, Chocolate Cherry and Strawberry recipes if you want to make your own ice-cream. I thought it would be a great idea to make some cute Ice-cream holders. They are great for parties if you want to make your Ice-cream a bit fancier and stop the cone from getting too squishy 🙂

Printable ice-cream wrapper

Then I thought if they were bigger they could be used as sweet cones for parties and then I thought I should make them in blue too so you have two different colour ways. Yes this is how my thought processes work lol.  Unfortunately my printer ran out of ink at the wrong time, so no pictures of the blue ones just the pink.

Printable Sweet Cone

To make them just print them out – cut them out and glue the tab – easy peasy. And to make the sweet cones just turn up the tab as illustrated below and glue or tap.

They are also great for serving popcorn or could hold confetti for a wedding or even favours.

The Printables are available here

               PINK ICE-CREAM WRAPPER                               BLUE ICE-CREAM WRAPPER
               PINK SWEET WRAPPER                                        BLUE SWEET CONES

Happy Printing and enjoy 🙂


One thought on “Ice Cream and Sweet Cone Printables

  1. Made In a Day says:

    Hi there! Stopping in to let you know I will be featuring your Printables & Pops this Friday in my P3 Party Board Summertime Treats Roundup post! Congrats and yum! Thank you so much for pining to my party board!


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