July Summer Garden

Summer time and the livin’ is easy – I wish that were true, summer time has been a bit mad if I am honest and this morning we had to say goodbye to one of our smallest pets poor, little Porsche the gerbil who at the ripe old age of two died – sad faces. He is now buried in he garden with his Momma.

On to happier news, as a lot of my news is glum I am afraid, my garden is loving this warm damp, weather and everything is growing a pace.

Remember the baby carrots from the “Great Carrot Experiment” well look what I uncovered and quickly recovered today.

I may actually be pulling up my own carrots soon I am quite excited about that – my next adventure is with cauliflowers which I shall start tomorrow as I have never grown them either.
The other things I am very excited about are my tomatoes they are growing like beanstalks and covered in tomatoes.

These little beauties are Tigerella and I can see their stripes, they are perfect little specimens too  I am excited about harvesting them.
We also have Gardener’s delight which are cherry tomatoes and the plant is covered in them.

The cucumbers are flowering and I’m wondering which variety I have as I planted two types – time will tell 🙂

and the courgettes are growing fabulously well so glad I planted them now – if you want to grow your own check out last weeks post here. 

And last but not least on this little update, look what is growing on my pepper plants, I think we have chilli peppers people.

I feel a slow cooker chilli will feature in it’s future unless it turns out to be a sweet pepper then a nice salad 🙂

I am afraid it is a short update as we are honestly having a rotten week but I love my little blog so that I wanted to stop by and my garden does make me a happy bunny.


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