How to make your own Glitter Shoes

Last Summer, about this time in fact,  my eldest daughter was getting organised for her Debs or Prom as it is know in the States. The much sort after dress had been ordered ,we had jewellery and hair accessories but we could not find a pair of shoes that were just right so we decided to make our own. This was Becca’s dress, it suited her unique style down to the ground and she wanted shoes that matched it’s colour and sparkle.

To make your own Glitter shoes


  • One pair of shoes – preferable not suede or material. 
  • PVA glue 
  • Glitter – We used 3 different shades Blue, Silver, Gold  
  • Lots of newspaper 
  • Paintbrush

The How to 

 First a word of warning – this is a messy craft we had to do it outside and on newspaper and glitter was everywhere. 

  1. If the shoes are patent leather rub them with fine sand paper to get a key for your glue.
  2. Paint with a layer of Pva and add the first coat of glitter. 
  3. Catch the glitter on paper and reuse to save on waste
  4. Once the first layer is dry repeat the process again.
  5. Once the second coat is dry do, one one layer to get every part of the shoe.  
  6. Finally put a final layer of just pva on to seal the shoes – so glitter is not following you in a trail were you go and clean the inside of the shoes. 
  7. Cinderella you may go to the ball 🙂 

I have to say I am surprised at just how well they have held up. I really didn’t think they would be wearable after the Debs night but they were fine and in fact have been out a couple more times and the top picture was taken today – bar a tiny mark on one heal they are still glittering away.


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