How to decorate your re-usable linen shopping bag

I am a huge fan of Bev over at Flamingo Toes and when I saw her amazing summer hoops I was in love 🙂 And I knew I wanted to try it but on what ?

I hadn’t an embroidery hoop to my name and was left wondering what to try until I visited my local Aldi and forgot my reusable bag – they have these plain linen style bags and that is when inspiration struck me, I could decorate my bag.

First I cut out a pattern out of scraps of materials left over from various projects ( go try and find out which ones on the blog ) – I used the image above as inspiration and went with my own version. 
I lay the pattern out and pinned down the basket, clouds and heart and I sewed the bunting onto the balloon before I pinned it down.
I then started to sew the various pieces into place and used a chain stick to pick out the writing which I drew on with a pencil.

I sewed the balloon last and thought it would be cute to do a 3d effect so sewed all around leaving a small gap so I could stuff with fluff and once it was nicely plump I sewed it closed.
I am very chuffed with my new bag so thanks Bev at Flamingo Toes for the idea and plan on making more in different designs 🙂   
So did you get crafty this weekend ? let me know what you did in the comments below and I will check it out 🙂

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