Crochet Apples – Back to school hand warmers

Back to School Crafts

I wanted to make something for Back to School, which is coming way to soon for my liking, which was cute and practical and I thought these apple handwarmers would come in “handy” for those chilly Autumn mornings . 

 Crochet Apple Handwarmers – for back to school

  You will need 2 crochet apples.

 All stitches are UK stitches 
Wool was standard double knitting and needle was a 4mm

Stitch Abbreviations 

st(s) = stitch(es) htbl- half treble
dc = double crochet ch – chain
tbl – treble stitch sl st – slip stitch

Round 1: Make a magic circle then ch3, now tbl 11 into the ring and pull up sl st to 3rd of the 3ch. (12 st)
Round 2: Ch 3 and tbl in same st. Work 2 tbl into each st to end sl st to 3rd of the 3ch. (24 st)
Round 3: ch 3 2 tbl into next st *1tbl into next , 2 tbl into next. Repeat from * to end. sl st to 3rd of the 3ch. (36 st)
Round 4: ch1, Dc in next, 2 htbl in next, 2 tbl in each of the next 2 st. 1 tbl in next, 2 tbl in next, 1 htbl in next, dc in next. Sl st in each of the next 5 st.2 htbl in next, 2tb in next, 2 dc in next, sl st between next 2 st. ( centre bottom), sl st next 2 st, 2 dc in next, 2 tbl in next st, 2 htb in the next st, slst in next 5 sts, dc in next st, 1 htbl in next, 2 tbl in next , 1 tbl in next , 2 tbl in next 2 st, 2 htbl in next st, 2 dc to end.
Round 5: Work dc in each st but work 2 dc into the curves to stop curling. Sl st in first st fasten off.
Leaves (make 2)
Magic ring, 3 ch work 4 htbl, tbl, ch 3 sl st into 3rd ch from hook, 1tbl, 5 htbl into ring sl st in 3rd of 3ch chain 2 for a stalk. Fasten off
Stitch leaves to apple and weave in ends.
Printable Pattern Available here

  1. To make into hand-warmers –  Place onto material and trace around cut outside the line. 


how to pin handwarmers

2.  Pin the backing material to the apple with the back of the material and the crochet facing out and the leaves sandwiched inside.

3. Sew together with matching thread leaving a small gap at the bottom to turn the apple the right way out and fill.
If you find that your crochet stitches are too loose to hold rice, you will have to line the back of the apple I crochet kind of tight so mine were fine. 

4. Fill with Rice scented with essential oils of your choice and sew closed.

These can be heated for 20 seconds in the microwave to warm them through and placed in jacket pockets to keep hands warm.

Back to school crafts


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