What I learnt from my garden this summer

I have had a lot of fun in the Garden this year and in a way it has been my therapy though a tough summer, nothing like getting down and dirty and growing veggies for making you feel a bit better about yourself. Along the way I have learnt some things and here is a list of things my garden has taught me.

  • I have leant I offically hate slugs – they do nothing but ruin my lettuce and this year seems to have been a bumper year for them. Read about SlugWars here


  • I have learnt garlic grow better in winter. In fact I have just planted some out in my raised bed for that very reason. 
  • I learnt I do not need ten tomato plants in my little garden, next time be more brutal with the seedlings I think – Anyone for home-made Tomato Sauce ?


  • Talking of tomatoes I have learnt that they will ripen off the vine, which is Very handy as I have a bit of a caterpillar problem now hopefully I can save them before they get munched on. 
  • I have learnt that strawberries don’t like being moved but I hopefully will have a better crop next year.


  • I have learnt that puppies will pull up your seedlings !! And rob tomatoes if you drop one as you are picking. And yes we have a puppy now to add to the many pets, yes I must be mad !!
  • I have learnt that two courgette plants is more than enough for my family. 
  • I have learnt I love chard especially stir-fried.
  • I have learnt sometimes you need patience and things ripen in their own sweet time but am so happy that my sweet pepper finally ripened this week. Also I have learnt I can grow peppers from seeds of old ones and have planted 6 more to get started with.
  •  I have learnt that cooking things made with stuff from your garden is so satisfying – check out my courgette recipes HERE   
  • I have also learnt that there is nothing better than opening your veggie draw and knowing that 95 % of it is things you grew and is organic and fresh. 
  • Oh and I have learnt I struggle to grow Brussels sprouts – which I am not too upset about if I am honest.

I may not have a big garden but I do love my little plot and hope to continue into the Autumn and winter with new crops. Did you learn anything this year from your garden ?


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