Washi Tape Clothes pegs and Crochet Stars.

This Post should really be called – Yes I did get crafty this weekend and no none of these are my ideas but they were so cool I had to try them out – but it was a bit long for a post title.

I was actually trying things out for a Christmas Craft fair I might be doing this year, now I used to do craft fairs in my youth and I made jewellery and cross stitch and various other things. I enjoyed it so when someone suggested I try it out again I thought why not ? But what to make now, my jewellery supplies are long gone, lost in a move and my sewing box was left in the same move, I still am a bit sore about it if I am honest with myself. But I have other things to play with and I love to crochet.

Some one I am a HUGE fan of is ChiWei over at One Dog Woof I love her crafts and would kill for her craft room and when I saw her Christmas Star pattern I knew I had to try them out. All credit goes to her I just played with my crochet needle and wool.

Such fun and so easy to whip up plan on making a few of these babies and snowflakes and have plans to design a bauble ornament will let you know if that works out.
 Another thing I tried was Washi tape pegs, I had seen a few of these out in the worldwide web and decided to have a go myself and it was satisfyingly, quick and easy.

You take the pegs apart and place on the tape . At the ends where they make little triangles just snip them off with a sharp scissors. Re-assemble your pegs and add magnets to the back or I have an idea for Christmas just need to test it out first.

So that is what I was doing this weekend if you have any craft fair ideas that you don’t mind sharing feel free to link below.


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