Quick and Easy Bacon and Mushroom Pasta

There are some days when you have nothing planned or the kids say “We really don’t fancy pork chops mam” and you have to turn out something quick and easy and I whipped this baby up the other day and it was delicious and a big hit with the teenagers in this house. I have include prices this time around because my gorgeous friend Mandy has a fantastic new page on Facebook called Food and Meals on a Budget it especially aimed at Irish families and it is to help all of us that need to mind the pennies by giving recipes and ideas. We are on a strict budget, as a single Mum with two kids I have to be sensible, but still want to make tasty and nutritious meals for my family. 

 Quick and Easy Bacon and Mushroom Pasta

Feeds 4


  • Pasta – 49c for plain or 99c Wholemeal Aldi
  • Onion- 69c a net, you will need 1 chopped Aldi
  • 1 packet of Bacon rashers  – €1.99 Aldi
  • Mushrooms – 1 punnet 99c Aldi
  • Cherry Tomatoes – 99c Aldi ( or free from my garden) 
  • Garlic – 49c Aldi
  • Passata – 59c Aldi
  • Oregano ( optional ) came from the garden. 

I used a drop of olive oil in the pan I buy mine from my local greengrocers at 1.69 but Aldi do large bottle for €3.69 I believe.
It works out at €1.55 a portion but truth is you would have enough to make dinner for 8 with all these ingredients so more like 80c a portion which is a bargain in my books. 


 1.  Put enough pasta for 4 into a pot of water and cook while you prepare your sauce.

 2. In a skillet or big pan add a drop of olive oil and add about half the packet of bacon chopped into small pieces into the pan. Start to fry the bacon and add the chopped onion and cook until onion is soft and the bacon is nearly cooked through.

3. Add quartered cherry tomatoes and mushrooms and 2 cloves of crushed garlic to the pan and continue cooking about 10 minutes.

4. Add the Passata towards the end and stir though chopped oregano if you like.

5. Remove the cooked pasta from the pot and drain and the Bacon and mushroom sauce to the pasta and stir though serve with a green salad or crusty bread for a really filling meal.

Printable Recipe Available Here


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