Decorating for Autumn on a tight budget

I have made no secret of the fact that money is tight around these parts, while it is sometimes hard it doesn’t mean that I can’t be creative and make my house look pretty, it just requires a bit of imagination on my part and some effort.So here is how I decorate for Autumn on a tight budget.

So while in my local bookshop this week, buying exam papers for my youngest, I spotted these small polystyrene pumpkins they were in a packet of six for €1.65 which is a bargain in my books and I knew I could use them for something.

First thing I did was paint them with some cream chalk paint I had left over from another project , I went for cream instead of orange because I love the small cream gourds you can get ,although my eldest took one for herself which is now traditional orange and in her bedroom. It does look cute and suits her room which has orange accents.

I finished them of by painting the stalks brown and left them to dry and went for a walk in the forest with my daughter and the puppy and we collected pine cones, conkers and seed heads, we are so lucky we live by a beautiful lake and forest.

I arranged them all into a glass bowl I have which is actually a trifle dish and added a gold pear from the Christmas decorations, you can uses decorations from other seasons if they are neutral.

The bowl is now on my fireplace, which is still decorated with my Autumn Banner which is available here  It was a quick and easy but stylish ( I think)  looking update. No need to spend a fortune on updating your room for the season.

Sorry there has been no garden post this week, unfortunately with the season came storms and a bad one last week caused a lot of damage so I was a bit disheartened and busy cleaning up the mess caused but hopefully I will be back on track next week.

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