How to make your own Elephant picture for a Baby’s room

Last week was my gorgeous nephew Ryan’s first birthday, I can’t believe how quickly it has flow and how big he is getting and I wanted to make something for his room. I thought a canvas would be a great idea and picked the colours from his decor.

I mean seriously how cute is that kid ? Also I have yet to meet a kid yet that doesn’t like elephants so I went with that out-line.

I have made a printable template if you would like to make your own version.

Materials Needed

  • A canvas we used a 6 x 6 
  • Patterned papers in the colours you prefer
  • 4 Buttons and embroidery thread
  •  pva glue
  • Material scraps for your cloud
  • letter stickers if you wish to add a name
  • Brad or button for the eye.

The How to Bit

  1. Print out the template and cut out an elephant and an ear out of patterned paper
  2. Use the cloud template to cut a cloud out of material – you can use any type you prefer
  3. Glue your elephant down and add the ear and the eye.
  4. Edge the cloud with a simple running stitch in embroidery thread and glue in place.
  5.  To add the buttons, attach the embroidery thread by lacing through the buttons and gluing, I threaded the ends through a small button with I placed on the end of the trunk.
  6. Add the letters for the name and you are done.

A quick and easy way to brighten up any little person’s room. 


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