Christmas Card Ideas

Anyone who pops in must of noticed something isn’t quite right here at Snapshots and Snippets and unfortunately you are right. I have had to step back from my blog as real life needed my full attention, try as I might I wasn’t able to balance the two and one had to give. But I love my little blog and hopefully things will get back to normal soon especially as this is my favourite time of year.
I did get around to making some Christmas cards this week though – every year I think I will just buy some and every year I cave and make them, truth is I like doing it.

Making cards doesn’t have to be difficult or require expensive supplies I picked up the card blanks last year it was €1.99 for 50 and I don’t ever send out that many cards and you can make your own from A4 card if you prefer.
The stickers I used were 50c a packet from By the Book  they are 3d and great quality they come in 3 different designs. I love how detailed they are and no I am not affiliated in anyway I just love a bargain when I find one.

I like to make cards of different styles and sizes but you can make yours all the same you don’t need to make things complicated especially if it is your first try and you don’t need fancy equipment, some card , scissors, stickers, a glue stick and patterned paper and ribbon and you are ready to go.

I used some of my Fantastic Ribbons left over from last weeks post which were perfect for the long cards. I even managed to use them on smaller cards like this Santa one with vintage style paper design.

You don’t have to be a specialist card maker to have a go and even kids can make them – it is a great family activity for a cold wet afternoon. Pop somePeppermint hot chocolate on the stove and warm up some mince pies and make an event out of it. And people do appreciate the effort that goes into them.


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