Send a Cow – or how to help others this Christmas

Every year the girls and I try and do something to help others at Christmas, we have sent shoeboxes, raised money by carol singing, helped pack hampers for hungry families and last year we sent a pig to a family Africa. It helps my girls think of others and makes Christmas a bit more meaningful to our family.
This year it means all the more to us because without the help of others this year we would have struggled ourselves so to be able to help in some small way feels only right.
And when Caitlin learnt what I had planned this year she couldn’t wait until our jumper arrive, I did warn them she would be the one to take it and she wears it with pride to help promote this great cause and I think she looks so cute in it.

As I said last year it was a pig this year we are going one better and are working with Send a Cow, they are a charity based in the West Country in the UK and started by a group of farmers 25 years ago and they have helped millions in people in Africa during this time.
 Send a Cow works with poor families in seven African countries and provide practical farming assistance that will last for generations to come supporting families as they takes steps out of poverty.

Meet Gloria she is the Charity ambassador, she is a pure bread Jersey cow from Devon  and she not only wears the most stylish jumper herself but is the the inspiration for the Christmas sweater they sent us to help promote this great charity.
You can see how they made her stylish jumper here.

 You can send anything from a chicken (£7.00) or a vegetable garden (£15.00) to a cow of course (£205) The catalogue is available in print and online at or you can ring them on 0122587422 

You can check them out on Facebook here 


Or Twitter here                                                  


Please support this wonderful cause and help them reach their goal of 20,000 gifts by Christmas.


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