Amber’s Homemade Christmas Guide – Decorations

I am continuing the Home-made feel with all the decorations around our house which have been made by us, I try and make something every year to mark the occasion, this year it was Crochet Stars so easy to make up and look great on the tree. Hope you enjoy these Home-made Christmas Guide -Decorations.

Tree Decorations

Definitely the star attraction at Christmas are the trees and I have lots of hand made version around my house.

The first one I made by hand was way back in 2006 and was I was thrilled as it was published in Creating Keepsakes Magazine. It is made out of a cone of card with paper strips folded and glued on. I cut each strip individually and sadly it only last a couple of years – it was damaged in storage.

So this is the updated version which I made which still is on my dresser today – it is going strong and all the stripes were stapled on.

The easiest tree I have made was this great version originally from Martha Stewart’s site  It was made out of the Sunday paper and a Knitting needle and a hole punch and then sprayed with spray on glue and smothered in blue and green glitter and looked fantastic.

This little home-made Christmas tree was made last year and was made out of crochet, I did mine out of my head but I have found a great blog here that has instructions for something similar and most probably neater.

And last but not least and only completed last night I made this Christmas cookie tree – admittedly this won’t last much past Christmas but I was so happy with the way it turned out I wanted to share.

To make your own Christmas Cookie Tree you will need 


  • 5 different sized star cutters 
  • a base to put your cookies on 
  • 3 cups of flour
  • 1 cup of corn flour
  • 2 eggs
  • 280g of butter 
  • the zest of one orange 
  • 6 drops of vanilla essence
  • 3 cups of Icing sugar 
  • 1/4 teaspoon of Orange Juice
  • Sprinkles


  1. Preheat the oven to 170 C/ 325 F or gas mark 4
  2.  Beat the butter and sugar together until pale and creamy
  3. Add the egg, zest and essence and mix until combined.
  4. Add the combine flours and stir until combined.
  5. Lightly flour your surface and knead until smooth.
  6. Separate dough into 4 balls and wrap in cling film and chill in the fridge for about 30 minutes.
  7. Flour your surface and roll one ball out to about 5 mm thick and cut six stars of each size out it will take all four balls but do one batch at a time and keep the dough in the fridge until needed. 
  8. Bake for 5-7 minutes or until golden and then leave to cool on a wire cooling rack. 
  9. When all your stars are baked mix up the icing and used to stack the stars on top of each other on your base. 
  10. Decorate with Sprinkles or other treats.  

Christmas Tins

I started making these little tins back in 2005 and I have made lots at this stage they are a quick and cute craft and a great way of storing Christmas pictures so a lovely present for Grandparents.

This was the first tin I made, it was made using a boiled sweet tin which you can pick up in Aldi and decorated with patterned papers and buttons – this one contained an accordion album of Christmas pictures of my girls as children.

I made this pink one for my mother’s tree and she loves it. It was made with a mint tin and inside has a picture of her two youngest grandchildren at the time.

I have this Turquoise tin on my tree – it matches my colours in the front room which are aqua, brown and cream.

Last year I made this tin from another boiled sweet tin and actually kept the sweets inside to give as a gift. You could even fill them full of home made sweet if your feeling really good.

Christmas Wreaths

I have made the old traditional wreaths from oasis and fir and other greenery and cinnamon sticks although truthfully I am no florist and raiding the local woods in winter is a cold and wet job.

So being a Scrap-booker originally I of course made one out of paper – I even wrote a post on how to do it here. It is still in one piece and in my hall.

And last year being a HUGE fan of Lucy at Attic 24 I made a Crochet wreath – I didn’t have a pattern but I used Lucy’s holly pattern here and although I made my robin from my head, Lucy now has a pattern for her Bower bird here which you could alter to make a robin.  To make the candy cane base I cast on 36 and crocheted 4 rows in white dc then 4 rows in red dc in a long strip until it fit my wreath.

Tree Ornaments

I have been making Christmas decorations for my tree since I brought my first Christmas tree as a student, having no money for expensive baubles I made a family of Christmas mice from card which included a Santa Mouse and a Carol singer – I wish I had pictures of them they were so cute. But it started a tradition that I have carried on year after year.

Baubles are so easy to make especially as you can pick up a pack of polystyrene blanks for €1.99 – cover them with glitter, or paper or material and you can match your own taste of decoration.

I made this trio years ago for a Scrapbooking challenge and they are still going strong today on my little kids tree.

I also have a set of hand sewn decorations which I filled with Christmas pot pourri and still smell divine after all these years. I did simple shapes, so a bell, heart and star and used a scrap of Christmas fabric.

One paper decoration that has stood the test of time is this adorable little bird’s house I made one year using a template from Nicola Heady – available still from here.

And of course there is the old favourite paper chain which is so easy that you can set the kids up for an afternoon with it and let them make yards to decorate the tree. All you need is paper cut into even strips and some double-sided tape or paper glue and of you go.

 This year I made crochet stars – so quick to work up even for a novice and so pretty,the pattern is available here from the Multi-talented ChiWei at One dog Woof.

Miscellaneous Decorations  

This year I made stocking hangers the instructions are in this post here and can’t wait to use them on Christmas Eve.
Cait and I made this cute little house one year – it is so nice to have decorations that bring back great memories.
This candy cane jar was made out of a baby food jar and still holds my candy canes every year.
And I made this picture which goes in our guest bathroom every year – yes I even decorate the loo for Christmas. 
You can add home-made touches everywhere and all it takes is a bit of time and imagination and you can make your own precious memories.
Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year I plan on taking a little blogging break for the Holidays but will be back before New year. 
Best Wishes at this festive time of year Amber xx

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