Menu Planning Mondays

Yes I am back with another menu plan – For Menu Planning Mondays, last week didn’t quite go to plan but more on that later , this is what I plan for this week.


Tonight I plan on doing Chorizo and Veg Pasta this post is one of the most popular recipes I have posted and truth is it a popular dish in our house – quick and easy and ever so tasty. Now being winter the vegetables won’t be from the garden although believe it or not I have cherry tomatoes from a tomato plant in the kitchen. I also made a huge pot of Vegetable soup which we had for lunch and can keep in the fridge to be re-heated for a couple of days.


Lamb Chops were on special last week and I picked up some for €2.00 and popped them in the freezer – served up with some garlic mash and carrots and baby leaf spinach. Yum.


I am a HUGE fan of Shari from Pure Grace Farms she is a wonderful lady and has some great recipes – for Superbowl she came up with SuperBowl Chilli and it comes in three different ways. Well I love Chilli and I wanted to introduce at least one meatless meal into our planner so Veggie Chilli it is. 


There is a special offer on Stewing beef in my local supermarket this week I always try and keep my shopping bill down by shopping special offers and I can think of nothing better on a cold wintery week than beef stew done in the slowcooker – Beef Stew Recipe here 



Home-made Burgers and Fries – the best thing about this is you can make any type of burger , I have made turkey, chicken and beef and you can make any type of fries – so you could try sweet potato for a healthy change. I happen to have some home-made burgers in the freezer. All I need to do is make buns and this recipe make a great bun perfect for burgers –Printable recipe Here

Saturday and Sunday

Leftovers is simple as we always seem to have some -last week I parcelled up 3 portions of lasagne which are in the freezer which will be perfect. And a Roast dinner is a must on a Sunday and traditional in our house usually followed by dessert of Apple crumble – Printable recipe here


As for last week well things didn’t go quite to plan Monday was as fine, Tuesday it snowed and I ended up doing Pizza as we had a surprise stay over. One of Cait’s friends was here due to snow stopping her bus and no school on Wednesday.
Wednesday was a nightmare as a Dr’s appointment at 3pm lasted until 6pm and we were late but Cait made Pork Stir Fry and it was gorgeous.
 Lasagne was finally made on Thursday and I made lots, hence the leftovers.
Friday was Home-made Pizza Night again – bad Mum I know but in fairness I had five teenagers staying over, again a last minute thing  and it is the easiest thing to do as a suggestion of the sun-dried chicken was rejected.
 Saturday and Sunday went as planned thank goodness. Some times life throws you a couple of curve balls or in my case four of them in teenage sizes but planning means that you can always juggle things around if needs be and you know what you have in your freezer or pantry if you have to make a quick change. Hopefully this week will be less eventful but you never know.


And don’t forget to link up with Menu Planning Mondays over a I’m an Organizing Junkie


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