My Favourite Organizing Ideas that Worked

Last year I decided to get more organized and searched through the internet for ideas and tips and I am back to report the ideas that worked and some that did not.  Here are my Favourite Organizing Ideas that Worked.

1. An Organized Fridge 10/ 10  

Last year I organized my fridge for the first time ever – the post detailing it is HERE. This is how it turned out back then. 

Not exactly as stylish as some examples but did it work ?
Well the answer is yes it did, we have lost a couple of labels but the system still works and it really has made a big difference – I haven’t had a UFO ( unidentifiable frozen object ) since the change over,  leftovers are actually being eaten and if I ask my girls to get something from the fridge they know exactly where to find it instead of claiming we have none because they don’t know where to look and it is easy to clean. I have organised the freezer in a similar fashion. It is one of the better tips I found on the web and highly recommend it, and as you can see it doesn’t have to cost a lot. This is the fridge this morning still neat still tidy this tip was 10/ 10

2. The FAMILY JOURNAL – 9/10

We have been using this for nearly two years now – the original post is HERE . Did this help at all, yes it did in fact this really saved my bacon when home life fell apart last July, I could keep track of all I was doing and find bills and paperwork I needed easily. All I need to do is find the right pen and it will be complete and get 10/10, a lot of wipe-able pens smudge and Sharpies are great but are hard to remove. I do have to replace page protectors ever so often but they are not expensive.
I highly recommend a Family journal for your home especially if you want to get things under control.


Most of the organization ideas were for the kitchen – I spend a lot of time in there and I like it to work well. This was the cooking utensil storage I decided on last year and I yes it did work for us especially the drawer system from Lakeland it has kept that draw neat and tidy for a year, things are so easy to find, no searching for a tin opener for 15 minutes in a draw teeming with things.
Also the best advice I was given was to be ruthless and reduce what I had, NO you don’t need four tin openers or garlic crushers, pick the best ones and give the others to a charity shop or in my case to college students that needed them.
If you are looking for other ideas I have ten for you HERE 

I have found the draw organiser on Amazon if you want to check it out  ( affiliate link)  –



Or “The Press” if you are Irish – mine was a mess last year and when I saw this picture on Pinterest from Martha Stewart , it was love at first sight.

This neat pile of perfection spurred me into action I started putting my bed linen inside the pillow case – this tip did work a treat it is great and saves so much time- although my piles never ever look as neat as Martha’s, maybe it is the fact that I don’t have Pure French 100% Linen or 1000 Thread Egyptian cotton or may be it is the fact that I don’t iron my duvet until it is on the bed, more on that tip in a second !!

So why do I iron the duvet/quilt cover on the bed ? Basically I found that while parcelling up my bedding was a great idea I was so obsessed with neat little parcels from Martha that I would iron everything – now I have king size quilt covers on my bed, have you ever man-handled one of those onto an ironing board ?  It would take forever and as a consequence I was letting bedding pile up in the ironing instead of facing it -NOT IDEAL.
Anyway someone mentioned on Facebook they ironed the quilt cover when it was on the bed so I decided to give it a try and it really worked just pop the cover on , plug in the iron in less than 5 minutes you have a neat bed and I like to think that the steam might kill a few bugs while it is at it.  All I iron now before I parcel up is the pillow cases. The ironing pile is cleared and my bed looks neat and tidy, just the way I like it.


I don’t have an actual pantry like some but I do have lots of cupboards in the kitchen and my baking cupboard was the worse offender for being mess before the big clean up in 2014. Done with cheap storage and re-used jars it was cheap and cheerful and made a world of difference. We bake a lot so this cupboard is well used and can get a bit messy but it has made is so much easier to clean and find things.

This was yesterday – I actually just brought flour as we were low, not as neat and tidy as the first picture but everything is still easy to find and baking has become much more of a family thing as the girls can see at a glance what ingredients and make suggestions on our next bake – Chocolate chip cookies are a favourite – PRINTABLE RECIPE HERE


Back in May 2014 I shared my Laundry tips  in a post called “The bottom of the Laundry Basket does exist .”

And yes to this day I see it regularly, I still wash ever day at least once. As I don’t know about your house but there is always laundry to do. I wash nightwear or pyjamas every day – I was a bit shock to find out that other people don’t in a news paper article. I also change all the bedding at least once a week.  I learnt this tip from FLY LADY if you are just starting out on the organising journey or a re-formed messy person this site is for you.  Now all I need is a tip about odd socks because they still appear from time to time !!

So have any tips you have learnt worked for you ? Link up below in the comments with your posts and I will happily give them some love and share.


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