Growing veggies in a small space

It is finally Spring and things are warming up and life is returning to my little garden. I want to share with you the fact that you don’t need a huge allotment or to turn every inch of your patch into a vegetable garden to grow a decent crop of vegetables – in fact you too can start Growing veggies in a small space.
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Last year we grew in our relatively small back garden – Potatoes, Courgette, Carrots, Cucumber, Two types of Tomato, Strawberries, Garlic, Scallions, Radish, Chard, Peas, Spinach, Lettuces -three types, Cabbage, Cauliflowers, Peppers, Chillies and many herbs.
We had supplies all summer and into winter and a tomato plant that didn’t quit until January on the kitchen windowsill.

Now I am not a pro-gardener or trained in horticulture but I have found you can take the smallest space and grow your own food and if I can do it anyone can.

1. If you have a small yard try Pots and Containers – I use to live in a house in Dublin with the tiniest concrete yard out the back and still successfully grew raspberries, lettuce, tomatoes and herbs out there. And I grew garlic, herbs and courgette in pots last year. You could make your own recycled garden planter HERE.

2. Try Grow Bags – they now come in a huge variety not just the plastic version that you pick up in supermarkets and garden centres.
Last year I grew potatoes in a reusable potato bags these are great for potato crops that can take up a lot of space in a vegetable beds you just pop in your potatoes in spring and by the end of summer you have a bag of home- grown potatoes. Also Dealz or Poundworld if you are in the UK do some cheap and cheerful versions.


 3. Raised Beds – I have 3 of varying sizes in my garden – I have a large 6ft x 3ft  for veggies, a smaller one 3ft x 3ft which will be for herbs and salad greens, and a really small one 1ft by 3ft which hold my raspberry plants and a few early strawberries.

I use the square foot gardening method and you can find out more information on that HERE It allows you to grow so much is a small space and I have had so many crops from it.
 I have spent a bit of time updating my bed this spring with fresh compost which I now make myself in a compost bin and re-painting it and adding home-made climbing-frames  which are recycled from the old bunnies hutch for the beans and peas. It has also got a new fence due to an over inquisitive puppy who loves to dig !

I can’t wait until it is full of produce again, which is where my new mini-green house comes in handy as all of my seedlings are in here getting ready for when the frosts have passed.

4.And if you can’t  manage any of these you can grow even a few things on the windowsill , herbs do great here as do salad greens and I grow my peppers indoors as well.

So there is no excuse not to have a go – pick something simple like scallions or salad greens to start and you will be eating home grown veggies in no time and if you grow them with kids you will find they start to eat more vegetables.

My gorgeous niece Rachel eating peas fresh from the garden

One thought on “Growing veggies in a small space

  1. Kyra says:

    I love how much you can grow in small spaces! I used to live in a house with no yard, just a paved area around a pool, so I grew lots of things in containers too…herbs, silverbeet, tomatoes. I'm lucky I now live elsewhere and have a good-sized garden 🙂


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