Menu Planning Monday

I have so many little projects on the go right now that I hope I can share with you that Menu Planning Monday has been a godsend. Just knowing what there is to eat on any given day makes life much easier and keeps the food bills down. If you wish to learn more about the menu planning process – click HERE or you can check out I am an Organizing Junkie which has an amazing link up on Mondays with tonnes of links to menus to try out.

So this is what this weeks menu looks like – a few old favourites and a couple of new things to try.


Such a go to dish in our house Chorizo and Garden Veg Pasta is so quick to throw together and a guaranteed winner with my kids – I always have some chorizo in the house these days, it is a tasty addition to pasta bakes and home-made pizza . The recipe for the dish is HERE.


In my freezer you are bound to find a bag of frozen Asian stir fry vegetables – they are cheap €1.29 in Aldi and packed with vegetables and water chestnuts which my lot love. Again such a quick dish just throw the veggies and whatever meat you wish ( or no meat if you wish )  into the wok with some sesame oil or some satay sauce and serve over wholewheat noodles or brown rice.


Tasty Pork Casserole is in a new cook book I was given.It looks like a good recipe and I can use up the last of the pork pieces I got on special offer the other week, as an added bonus it is a slowcooker recipe which is so handy. I love my slowcooker, I have a post about that very fact HERE.



Pasta of any sort is favourite around here and Carbonara is just so good – our Go to Recipe is HERE .
It has never let me down just serve it with hearty bread and some parmesan  cheese and you are good to go. 


I haven’t made Tuna bake forever – it is such a student dish. So why am I hauling this recipe out of retirement ? Well I have a teenager that loves tuna and I mean adores the the stuff, it is the only fish she will willingly eat and soon enough she too will be leaving the nest to fly, so why not teacher her an updated version of this old classic ? I will report next week on how it went I hope I can revive this classic.


When I first started on the Leftover Saturday I was not sure how successful it would be. My family were notorious for never touching leftovers. But it has been a great success, last weekend I had leftover Pizza for lunch and for dinner it was salad and some leftover marinaded chicken. Nothing is wasted and I have learnt how to store things properly so that they are well kept until needed.   


The now normal roast and veggies – although if we have a beautiful weekend I might just might do a Bar-be-que. I will haunting Met Eireann’s page for weather updates.
And for dessert I plan on making Apple Roses I don’t do these too often as they can be a bit of a faff but I saw them floating about Facebook again this week and just had to add them to the menu.
  The link to the recipe is HERE.
Have a great week and hope you try planning your menu – trust me it is worth it. 

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