Garden Projects when you’re stuck indoor.

I have been really busy out in the garden this week as we had glorious weather, unfortunately the weather has taken a turn and it is raining again and even snow is forecast in some place. So while you are stuck inside here are a few things to keep you busy until you get back in the Garden.  So here are some Garden Projects when you’re stuck indoors.


I made this out of an old box a seed kit came in but I have made file systems like this out of washing tablet boxes, it depends on how many seed you have. I know us gardeners can go overboard with the seeds so you might need something bigger.

I covered the outside with patterned paper then made files to fit inside the box – I have made a printable file template for you which is available HERE. Print out onto card and cut out.
All my seed are in small resealable bags with their information on labels or you could print out some seed packets store them in  – Available HERE.
Now all my seeds are in order and easy to find not all thrown in a box and scattered everywhere like they were before. 


This Book contains pictures and notes about garden – what I planted , where and how well it did ect.  You can buy kits from Scrapbook suppliers – for Irish readers try Cardz “n” Scrapz  or you can make your own using my Gardening File Template HERE it is up to you. I like to decorate mine but you can make it as simple as you like but I think it will be a handy tool next year on what works in the garden.

If you want a template for the Notes they are available HERE.

You could also have a go at making up some seed pots out of toilet roll holders  which we did last year – the link to the post is HERE

I hope the weather gets better for all of us and at least we can keep busy until then.


5 thoughts on “Garden Projects when you’re stuck indoor.

  1. Amber Harrop says:

    Gigi – I grew lots when I lived in a tiny flat in Dublin on a windowsill. I still do grow somethings there – currently on my kitchen windowsill is chives, basil, a pineapple plant ( grown from leftovers !) a pepper plant and an aloe vera – if I can do it anyone can so go for it 🙂


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