Menu Planning Monday

If you followed my progress on Facebook last week you will see that sometimes my menu-planning can get off track but things had fixed themselves in a couple of days – luckily Menu Planning Monday  is just a guide and not set in stone. If you wish to learn more about Menu planning – click the Link HERE or link up with I am an Organizing Junkie HERE where they have a link up every Monday.

 So what is on the menu this week – well as Aldi has a Mexican theme special offer this week and my youngest has declared she misses it there will be some Mexican on the menu, as for the rest check out my menu below.


This quick and easy bacon and mushroom pasta does exactly what it says on the tin – quick easy and tasty what more could you want ? Recipe is HERE


I have left over pork chops in the freezer as that what was what was on special last week – some when into out Pork Stir fry and that leaves a few for Stuffed pork chops and Mash and Veggies , a heart dinner.


When I make pizza base I usually make a double load and put some in the freezer for another day and this is how we can have home-made pizza even on a work day. Check out the recipe here to make your own dough and this dough freezes well.


As I said the Aldi special this Thursday is Mexican food and accessories and my lot love enchiladas so Enchilada it will be 🙂


We have left over Home-made burgers from last week which I put in the freezer instead of cooking and I will make some Home-made wedges – Caitlin made us some starwberry and banana smoothies to go with it and they were delicious.


It has been a while since I made this but it is a gorgeous recipe which my eldest daughter perfected – I love the coconut rice with this – Becca’s recipe is HERE


As usual it will be a roast dinner but I plan on making this chocolate fudge cake for after – it as been a while since we had it and hopefully my youngest will help me bake it – I love baking with her.

The Recipe is available HERE

Have a great week and hope everything goes smoothly for you – check out my Menus every Monday.


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