My Magical Adventure by Crayon Crunch

Rarely do I post twice in one day and never do I promote much but I was approach recently by email by Kai Schmittat, a young part time student / part time working dad of a young family trying to get his book off the ground. He didn’t as me for money in fact all he asked was a check it out and if I liked the idea share it to help their Kickstarter campaign. I liked the book idea so here I am sharing.

 Kia along with Tim Osterbuhr and and Friederike Geiken founded their company Crayon Crunch in February 2015.
They created a printed personalized children’s book, whose main character can be customized to look like any child, including all ethnicities and disabilities.The title of the book is “My Magical Adventure”

The KickStarter campaign starts today May 18th at 11AM PST the link to their campaign is here – Kickstarter campaign .

From The Press Release

Every child loves an adventure, and Crayon Crunch is here to make that happen. Today ,May 18, the Berkeley based children’s entertainment startup launches a Kickstarter campaignto fund the most technologically advanced children’s picture book ever printed. For the first time, anyone can customize the lead character of a printed book to resemble any child, regardless of ethnicity or disability.

“We’re combining new technologies with an original story to reinvent the picture book,” said Tim Osterbuhr, Chief Executive Officer. “Instead of working with a publisher, we are using in-house technology and expertise. This gives us full control over the creative as well as the operational site.”

Studies show that reading of personalized books encourages language development in young children. “While some companies allow readers to customize character names, no one has yet provided the way for them to help their children identify with characters by effectively customizing their appearance,” said Kai Schmittat, Crayon Crunch’s director of print operations.

“If you’re a parent of a child with special needs or of color, finding relatable children’s books can be challenging” said Friederike Geiken, lead engineer and creative director. “We have an opportunity to create a first-of-its-kind product and start pushing harder on diversity in books.”

The process will be as easy as changing features of characters in a video game. Readers will customize the lead character using the company’s website by choosing between a variety of features from hairstyle and skin tone to clothing and disabilities such as limb differences. Readers can see a preview of the book before they submit the design to Crayon Crunch. The company will then print the book and ship it anywhere in the world.

Great characters need great stories, and Crayon Crunch will send your young reader on a gender-neutral journey to find a key for a mystical box in an imaginary world. As a bonus, inside the box is a personalized letter from a parent, family member or friend.

Thousands of people have signed up on Crayon Crunch’s Facebook page to receive notification of the Kickstarter launch. 

The illustrations look fantastic and I wish I could have made one for my girls when they were younger as this little girl reminds me of Becca as a kid. 

 So if you can support this campaign do – every kid deserves a book based on themselves.  

DISCLAIMER – I have nothing to do with this company or any one in it I just think that it is a worthwhile cause. 


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