Menu Planning Monday

I will be honest with you dear readers it took me a long time to get back to normal with my routines after the hospital and I let things slide a bit. But I am now back to work and organisation is needed so Menu Planning Monday is back.
If you wish to learn more about Menu planning – click the Link HERE or link up with I am an Organizing Junkie HERE where they have a link up every Monday.

So without further ado here is this week’s menu 🙂 


This quick and easy bacon and mushroom pasta does exactly what it says on the tin – quick easy and tasty what more could you want ? Recipe is HERE
I have actually decided today to make some ice-cream – strawberries are in season and why not ? So although is not on the Menu it will be in my freezer 🙂  If you want the recipe it is HERE


 Summer time is less heavy meals in our house and I got some nice beef grills from our Aldi so I will make some home-made wedges and a salad from the garden now the lettuce is ready to pick.


The best piece of equipment in the kitchen in summer is the slow cooker – it cooks without heating the whole kitchen and is great for work as I can pop it on low before I leave and dinner is ready when I come home. 
I plan on making up a batch of Slow-cooker Chilli and if I make a big enough batch I can save some for Enchiladas.


My lot would live on pasta if they could, they love it and I love how quick these recipes are to throw together and if you want to make it to be more healthy use wholemeal pasta and serve with a green salad.Here is our go to Carbonara Recipe.


Friday will be Pizza Night and I we can all look forward to that – I love this stuffed crust recipe is actually not difficult to make your own. 


Normally it would be “Leftover” night but I hear we might get nice weather ( although don’t quote me on that ) so I plan on Bar-be-queuing  and these Bar-be-que Skewers go down a treat and are easy enough to do and a nice change from burgers and sausages, although I might do a few of those too.


Aldi have these really nice Pork medallions in at the moment for 2 euros – get them if you can they are gorgeous. I threw them in a pan with sliced mushrooms and a bit of extra cider and it was delicious.
I will serve up Strawberry and Chocolate fritters and the Strawberry Ice-cream for afters I think

I love summer food 🙂 Hope this week is a good one and we all eat well. Try out Menu planning it really does save time and money.


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