Menu Planning Monday

I know it is barely Monday – I had to fight for the computer, oh the joys of summer holidays !!  But Menu Planning Monday is here and if you don’t know what menu planning is all about yet – head over to my post about it here which will tell you why it is a great way of saving money. Or check out I am an Organizing Junkie for the ultimate Menu Planning Link up.

I am well and truly in summer mode so there is lots of salads , lots of light cooking and of course strawberries in this week’s menu.


The great thing about this Pizza recipe is you don’t have to make big pizza – if you have lots of dough why not roll some mini bases – quick freeze them flat on a tray and then stack them with greaseproof paper to store in your freezer for another day. They make a quick dinner if you are short on time and the kids can customise them to their tastes. 


 This dish is so easy to make and I love anything that is made in one pan, you will need a big skillet if you are cooking for a lot but this is perfect for two. Easy Skillet Garlic Chicken and potatoes.


Summer time calls for salad and a tuna salad is great for getting fish into your diet, I will serve this with whole meal pasta tossed in red pesto and a quick and hearty meal will be ready. 


I wonder if I can persuade my youngest to make this again ? It is a a simple dish even if you can’t get a willing teenage to help out in the kitchen. The recipe is HERE


Yes this Easy Cheesy Pasta recipe is low fat and it is comfort food to the max – also my spinach in the garden is ripe for picking. 

 Some days you need to do something simple and marinade chicken with steamed new potatoes and a fresh salad is perfect.


I have a lovely piece of trout in the freezer caught fresh from a local river and I love to stuff it with fresh herbs and lemon and bake it in the oven served up with a pan of roasted vegetables it is a lovely light Sunday lunch.
Follow it up with Easy Strawberry and Cream pie and you will have some happy campers even if they turn their noses up at the fish 🙂

Have a great week and Happy Menu Planning.


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