Menu Planning Monday

Happy Monday, here I am again planning and organizing. If you want to know more about why I do Menu Planning on a Monday  click HERE and download the free menu planning printable or for more menus check out the link up on I am an Organizing Junkie – HERE.

When menu planning I always check out what is in my freezer and pantry first – for example we have a lot of plums thanks to a special offer so plum and apple slices are perfect and I have some pasta sauce to use up so spaghetti and meatballs it is, you get the idea. so here is this weeks menu. 


Aldi have a special offer on these yummy chicken thighs at the moment for only €2.00 so I grabbed a couple for the freezer. I throw them in the oven with extra lemon wedges and herbs from the garden and bake. I plan on serving them with veggies I have been harvesting from the garden , the potatoes and peas are ready.


Picture from the Food network 

Sometimes you just have to go for an old favourite and an easy recipe and nothing could be easier than Spaghetti and meatballs. As I said I have pasta sauce in the fridge that need to be use up and this dish hits the spot every time. 


Brinner – or Breakfast for dinner is one way to get the kids to love you, mine adore Brinner and there is no better excuse for pulling out the waffle maker and whipping up some waffles. Serve with Bacon and Maple syrup and they are divine.


Sometimes someone links up something on Facebook and you just have to try it – this is how I found this recipe for SlowCooker Cashew Chicken from The Recipe Critic  . I love slow cooker recipes which are great for work, just pop it on slow in the morning and you come home to a house full of gorgeous smells and dinner. Check out The Recipe Critics menus too – I am loving her site.


Bacon, Chorizo Gratin  is an easy comfort food to make and you can make it as luxurious or as healthy as you like. It is my nod to Irish food as my lot are not big Bacon and Cabbage fans.


I am keeping my fingers crossed that the weather will improve, which maybe foolish in Ireland but one can always hope and these Chinese Chicken Skewers are great on a Bar-be-que but can be done on the oven grill just in case of a downpour. 
Served with cous cous and a big salad and you have a great meal.


I love a roast chicken but in summer I serve it with crusty bread and salad , Sometimes I buy the bread but it is just as easy to make this amazing loaf  especially when the oven is on anyway. The smell alone is worth the extra effort . For dessert this Easy Plum and Apple Slice is great and as I said plums are on special offer in Aldi and so is the pastry to make it even easier !! 
So that is this weeks offerings – if you have a recipe that I could try let me know and I can feature it here. 

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