Menu Planning Monday

This week I am relying on my freezer and my slowcooker a bit as I am back to the hospital today – not for too long this time though, if you don’t know what I am referring to check out this Post .
Menu Planning Monday and my family journal got me though the first time and will help me out this week too. If you are looking for a wide range of menus check out the link up at I am an Organizing Junkie for lots for menus catering to all tastes.

So here is this week’s menu below and in honor of National Ice-cream day – who doesn’t like Ice-cream !! I making some Chocolate Cherry ice cream to pop in the freezer.


Spaghetti Bolognese, this old favourite is going in the slowcooker today and will be ready this evening when people get home , I have even added the pasta to this dish so no need to think about it – just dish it up.


Another dish that can be done in the slow cooker is Moroccan Pork Casserole  I love a throw it all in and let it cook recipe and you can prepare this in advance and store it until you need it in the freezer.


So easy even the teenagers can make this dish Chorizo and Garden Vegetable pasta is an easy dish to make and great if you are lacking in time or energy.


Thursday I usually go shopping after work and when I arrive home I am hungry, cranky and tired. I have been know to cheat with pizza – here I brought plain pizza and loaded it with toppings at home. If you are feeling adventurous you can make your own base – HERE. But I see no problem with cheating once in a while ! 


I sometimes pick up bargains if they are in the shop, last week my local supermarket reduced it’s beef grills to under half price , so I picked some up for the freezer. Picking up food when it is on special offer is a great way to keep your food bill down but only if it is food your family eats.


I was going to let my lot eat leftovers which would be the easy option but if that does not work out this Easy Carbonara is not hard to throw together and is always a winner.


Last weeks Roast chicken with Artisan Bread and Salad was a winner so I may do something similar this week and to for dessert Chocolate and Cherry Ice-cream – for lots of cherry recipes click HERE  – yummy !! 

So that is this week’s menu – if you want to keep up with my menus but don’t have time to check in each week – sigh up for my newsletter for news straight to your in box – sign up is available on the sidebar above link with me 🙂 


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