Menu Planning Monday

Welcome it is Menu Planning Monday here on Snapshots and Snippets, as usual if you have no clue why any sane person would menu plan check out my post HERE for a how to guide and why I menu plan. If you want to check out more menu’s to suit every taste link up to I am an Organizing Junkie as they run a big link up on Mondays.

Here is this weeks Menu – 


I know it is summer but it doesn’t feel like it in Ireland that is for sure so I am making this for dinner tonight thanks to Supervalu’s meat sale last week. You can get the recipe Here and there is veggie version too. 


By request from the youngest member of the house – actually this is a cheap and cheerful dinner too you can pick up Gammon Steaks for as little as 2 for €1.99. Grill them with some pineapple and serve up with some steamed new potatoes and salad.


Our go to Carbonara is so easy to make that it is almost sinful – try it you won’t be disappointed great for those days when you need something made in a hurry. 


I would of thought mine would be sick of Pizza on a Thursday but no apparently they love them because you can top them anyway you like – combine it with a Caesar salad and they love it. 


This fish pie is a great way of using up fish you have but it is also just the most wonderful comfort food while still being low fat. It also a great way of getting fish into your diet which we could all use more of. 


I have mince and I have beans – it is slowcooker chilli time  this is so easy to throw on in the morning and leave for the day and great served up in lots of ways – pop it in wraps with lettuce and cheese or over a baked potato. 

Sunday isn’t Sunday around here without a Sunday Roast followed by dessert and this weeks dessert is triple chocolate cheesecake  – it is a yummy as it sounds 🙂 

Hope you have a great week and let me know if you are meal planning so I can check out your blog and link up 🙂 


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