Menu Planning Monday

It is a wet and wild Monday in Ireland – I hope that the promise of decent weather at the end of August comes true otherwise there is a postman in Donegal who better keep a low profile !! Anyway as usual today it is Menu Planning Monday if you want to find out more about menu planning you can check out my post about how I do it HERE which also has a free printable to help you or you can check out I am an Organizing Junkie.

So here is this week’s Menu –


Spaghetti Bolognese – This is one of those meals that can be thrown in the slowcooker before you head out the door and you come home to a cooked dinner. 


This is such an easy dish to make and it is easy to see why it is one of my most popular recipes – the recipe is available HERE .


This recipe does just what it say on the picture – it is quick and easy and very tasty and such a winner with the kids the recipe is HERE


Making pizza can be as hard or as easy as you like either make you own base using this recipe here .Or if that is too much to do buy pizza base from Aldi and make a pizza that way. Last but not least you can buy plain cheese pizzas and add your own toppings to jazz them up. 


Beef grills are still on special in Supervalu and my lot like them.This is an easy dinner for the end of the week – last time I made sweet potato wedges and normal wedges and it was so good. 


I have missed Indian food – we don’t have it too often these day and this recipe is so good I can’t wait until Saturday – the recipe is HERE  You could also make a vegetable version by using mushrooms and Courgette. 


Apparently my Apple crumble is legendary up the North of Ireland ( thanks to my daughter’s boyfriend) And I will be making some this weekend after a roast chicken dinner.  That might encourage them to pay a visit 🙂 

Have a great week and don’t forget if you sign up for email you can get menu directly in your inbox 🙂 


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