Menu Planning Monday

Monday again – this year seems to be flying by !! But that means it is Menu Planning Monday time and time for a new menu – as usual don’t know much about menu planning and finally wish to learn more the link to my post about how to do it it HERE and for more yummy menus link up with I am an Organizing Junkie HERE for their link up.

Here is this week’s Menu if you wish to write you own click HERE for my free Printable


Gammon Steaks, my youngest loves this dinner and it is a so easy to do, I usually steam the potatoes and serve with a huge salad.


A great recipe for just throwing in the slowcooker in the morning and it is there to great you when you get home. I love dinners like that and as a working mum they make life so much easier and I am all for easy. Check out my recipe – HERE


Bacon and chorizo is just pure comfort food, make it healthier with low fat cheese but it will stll be just as comforting without going to your hips. Get the recipe HERE


Pizza Night – I would feel guilty about this but my kid loves it and Thursday is shopping night, after a long day at work followed by shopping pizza thrown in the oven is a welcome treat for both of us and  you can always be good and prepare your own dough the night before if you wish – the recipe is HERE


This is such a good way of getting fish into a kids diet and you can use us whatever fish you have so I have some cod in the freezer and will add some smoked coley to make this pie. I love this dish, it is a complete dinner in one. The recipe is HERE


It is my birthday on Saturday – I won’t say how old but I definitely will not be making life hard for myself and easy carbonara is a winner in my books. The recipe is HERE 


Sunday as usual will be a roast dinner it is traditional, I love gathering people around the table for a roast dinner then serving something delicious for afters and you can get nothing more delicious than this yummy Chocolate fudge cake. The recipe is HERE and it is to die for !
So that is this week – let me say thank you to all those that pop in I really do appreciate you taking time out of your day to read my blog. 


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