Menu Planning Monday

Hope Monday is treating you well. Well I am only slightly jealous that the Uk have a bank holiday today, no such luck here I am getting prepared for a busy week what with work and Back to School – So Menu Planning Monday is a must this week not only from an organisational point of view but the fact is save so much on your grocery bill.
If my menu doesn’t suit you you will find many more to suit every taste over at the link up on I am an Organizing Junkie .

So with out further ado here is this weeks menu in the Harrop household. And if you want to make you own get your own free menu planner printable HERE.


I am relying on my new slow-cooker again, I am so in love with it, and spaghetti might be an oldie but it is a goodie and I can make a huge batch and freeze some for another day when I might be in a hurry.


Yes Chicken Fajitas were on the menu last week but as it was we ended up not having them . 
My youngest decided the weather was so rotten she wanted soup, so the chicken stayed in the freezer and the ingredients stayed in the cupboard.
Menu plans are not set in stone they are just a guide to help you not over spend on the weekly shop and so your more organised at dinner time. 


Bacon and chorizo gratin is such comfort food and I can prepare a lot of this dish in the morning and stick it in the fridge until I need to cook it.
 Served up with Cabbage it is like Irish food with a twist – the recipe is HERE


Yes Thursday is still pizza night I think if I change it now my life won’t be worth living but you can always make it a family experience by getting the kids involved in making there own – the recipe for pizza base is HERE
Yes that is my youngest quite a while ago making her own pizza, she is a bit taller now though.


|I love this recipe, it is adapted from Jaime Olive recipe and it is just yummy if you love fish he recommends you serve it with Baked beans – or you could serve it with one of the runner bean recipes  if you want to make it more grown up.


On Saturday my Little Brother , he might kill me for that !! and his partner are moving – They are moving a bit closer to me which I am happy about they was such a help to me when I was in hospital and even more of a help when things went pear shaped last July. So on Saturday it is all hands on deck to help them so I shall be using the slow cooker they got me again and cooking a recipe my friend Gertie gave – called American Superbowl Chilli – I have asked her permission to share it here and I will do if she lets me. 


I plan on doing a a Roast Chicken dinner thanks to the  € 3.00 deal in some supermarkets this week – Aldi and Supervalu are two I know of. 
I then plan on serving up this gorgeous strawberry cream pie you can find the recipe HERE  and thank me later 🙂 

Have a great week I hope that these menu plans inspire you to have a go at making your own. 


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