Menu Planning Monday

Well hello folks here I am late as usual – which if you knew me in real life is so unlike me, I hate being late for things – so I better get on with the Menu Planning. This week’s Menu Planning Monday was brought to you care of myself and my youngest she suggested ideas and I ran with them as she is feeling unwell, back in school all of two weeks and she is done with a bug again !! If you lot of menu’s to browse link up with I am an Organizing Junkie and their Menu Planning Monday link up

So as you can imagine the sick teenage has requested comfort food and her favourites and she has begged for this week’s sweet treat.

Menu Planning Monday 

The youngest wanted pie and luckily I had a couple I had made in the freezer , these Beef and Guinness Pies freeze well so I popped them in the oven and boiled up some new potatoes and steamed some green beans from the garden.

Which are delicious, even more so because they are freshly picked.


The ultimate in comfort food – my daughter loves Shepherd’s pie and I happen to have lamb mince in the freezer brought from the Supervalu meat sale – I often pick up meat when it is on special as it is the most expensive bit of the shop.


Breakfast for dinner was the cry – what can I say the girl loves it and what better than Bacon Waffles – I have been featuring this recipe for the last two weeks in my Newsletter – which you can sign up for extra news from the blog. I will leave the recipe in there for one more week if you want to try them .


 I dared suggesting something other than Pizza on a Thursday and was met with strong objections how could a break a tradition we had !?  Thursday is forever to be know as Pizza night apparently!!
   If you want to start your own traditional pizza night the recipe is HERE.


Cait has asked me to try this with Chicken breast so I will this week as I have a few in the freezer I hope it is as simple as the Normal recipe – which you can find HERE and was my most popular post last year. 


I could of placed a sure bet on this being on the menu this week – it is not called our Go to Carbonara for no reason – my kids would eat it all the time and I love how easy it is to make.


As per usual after a Sunday Roast – we will be cooking up something sweet and I can’t believe Cait remembered this recipe which I originally shared and she originally made in 2009 ( how long have I been blogging !?)  – wow reading that post was a trip down memory lane – luckily I posted the recipe and made a Printable version even back then – the printable version is HERE
Well that is all for this week folks I hope you enjoy the menu and the recipes and don’t forget to say hi! in the comments I love to hear from you.

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