Menu Planning Monday

Today is a Bank Holiday Menu Planning Monday and I am have had a manic weekend to say the least . I would gladly not cook at all if I could get away with it but that is not an option !! Menu Planning to the rescue – if you wish to learn more about Menu planning click on my post about it HERE and if you wish to find more Menu’s check out I am an Organizing Junkie where they have each Monday.

There is a lot of Slowcooker recipes this week although all can be done in a casserole dish if you have not crossed over to the slowcooker side – I heartily recommend you invest in one though. Also as Saturday is Halloween I will be making Ghost brownies 🙂


Today I am relying on my Slowcooker and have thrown in Chicken in White wine Sauce as I still have a houseful of people – I shall serve it up with brown rice and crusty bread.


I love this Quick Bacon and Mushroom Pasta – it is easy, it is indeed quick and simple and after this weekend I need that as I am back in work.


Some weeks you need something tummy warming and as it is made in the slow-cooker so great for putting on and leaving this Tummy warming Casserole is great and you can make it a meatless meal.


As you know if you pop in on a Monday – we usually have pizza but last week a request for Lasagna was made instead so I will be obliging the great thing about Lasagna is that you can make it in advance on a day when you are less busy and store it in the freezer for days when you are rushed off your feet – which usually sums up my Thursday. 

I have a heap of fish in the freezer thanks to an Aldi Special offer and I love making this Fish pie it is such comfort food and a great way to use up fish. 

Saturday / Halloween
Nothing better to set you up for a long night of trick and treating and scares than this slow cooker chilli and I love how versatile it can be you can serve it in wraps, on a bed of rice, on top of a baked potato or a bed of Nacho – yum !! 
Then of course I have to make a Halloween treat so I am making these cool Ghost Brownies – just use my brownie recipe for the base add a marshmallow on top and smother in white chocolate dot on a couple of eyes and a mouth and you are good to go. 

I know it may seem daft to make a Roast dinner when it is only the two of us but truth is half the time it is never just the two of us my kid usually have a friend or two that stayed over.
And after dinner you can’t go wrong with Apple Crumble especially when someone dropped of a BIG box of Apples.

 So that is the plan this week – hope you all have a happy and Safe Halloween 🙂


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